New promo photos shooted by Olaf Heine


Olaf Heine – the photographer who made the promo photos of Reise, Reise in 2004, will take care of those which will appear on the new album.

New pictures, taken last year, are already circulating on internet. The pictures depicted bellow are here under the fair use policy and are not mentioned to harm any Pilgrim or Olaf Heine revenues.


Is the first picture from the new single “Liebe ist für alle da” or “Seid bereit”? This is just a speculation…

  • Ecimir

    Or not, delete this post

  • Ecimir


  • Ecimir

    “Freud und Leid” is new album

  • harris

    where the hell are these photos????????????????????

  • Ecimir

    What is your opinion on new single? Rate it

  • Awesome_Lawsome

    Oh, dude, if you find that picture, Link it please! Sounds like a song about BDSM lol… ^^

  • Alas

    There’s another picture floating around. It keeps with the same setting and theme of the first, but it is just of Richard spanking the girl in this picture while she has a sack over her head, it is gonna rock so hard, i can already taste it!

  • Awesome_Lawsome

    Aggg! richard got fatt?! NOoOoo! he used to be the hottest!

    the first photo made me think of Marilyn Manson for somereason, i bet the musics going to be alot heavier than the last.

  • Tanja

    The first photo is not Olaf’s, it’s by Eugenio Recuenco

  • Qele

    That beard really suits Oliver, and Cristoph’s hair is ok but the others seem to be soo old :/

  • Martin – no1.Ramm-Fan

    god it feels like its been 10 years since rosenrot!

  • Mr.RAMMSTEINryan

    this new album will be the SHIT!!!
    nice photo’s, i cant belive that oliver grew a beard. 🙂

  • Luz

    No, he’s standing on a milk crate. 🙂

  • Guyll

    Is Paul taller than Schneider?!

  • cole

    Paul has hair again!!

  • Jon Genocide

    thats so bad ass christoph is grownin his hair out, it looks awesome. can waaaaait for the new musik. its been far too long

  • Beasty

    I dont think its a cover, the focal point is off centre, it looks like it was inspired by Mein Teil if anything. maybe inner sleeve art, I can see the Americans having a breakdown if thats the outside cover haha

  • Gigolo

    ya. Cannibalism 😀

  • Adam

    The first one looks like some sort of scrapped concept for Mein Teil.

  • Gert

    It will be awesome i think so , they are soo cool , badassmusic 2 , nice pictures btw..

  • ThomatoForce

    Nice photo’s! And me too can’t wait for the new snigle, which i think comes out in july; this month! :O

  • Gigolo

    Hey! Keep cool. I think, its will come in july.

  • mike

    dude! were so close to the single! its almost august! cant wait! =O

  • SBASWilliam