Mein Land video online


Here we go, the Mein Land video is online!

The desription will be written sonn 🙂

UPDATE: please go to the video page and help us finish the description. Write to comments there what you see on each picture. The best descriptions will be added to the respective pictures. (We want to make something similar like for the Haifisch video)

  • Ronnie

    Well the final version is not bad. But I HATE the single string. Rammstein was always about big riffs and demo was so much better than this. Demo was more aggresive, closer to the first two albums and all in all better. The only good thing is the beach boys spoof video.

  • Sic fan of Six Ram

    I have to say, the more I listen, the more I like this song. I think there are six sets of sex on legs in this video. Beauty is in the eye of the fan. I love all six Rammstein men for who they are. (wink to the guys!):D

  • Mae

    I agree. Schneider is sex on legs.

  • Leann


  • NYCDEC11

    The song was dope. Not epic, but dope.

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    shut all you haters and love it for what it is !
    RAMMSTEIN ON A BEACH….. jesus – you cant get better than that!

    too all moaners…you TRY and do better then lol !

  • Michelle

    I don’t really like Akerlund’s videos, but, I love Rammstein. I do think the demo which was leaked on the net was better, I listened to it non-stop ever since. The video is funny, at least you see the guys having fun and Till looks so good!! I used to drool over Richard, but oh my god, Till is sex on legs!!!

  • Csaba

    The song called “Mein Land” had been suck against the first demo. 🙁 I like that very much, but this is sooo weak and creativeless.

  • It was a parody video people! I thought it was hilariously cheesy! The song was okay, but the video was pretty neat. I was not disappointed at all. The beach thing was hilarious. I loved the cheesy smiles and acting. I thought it was great. Why is it mostly Paul that plays the skeevy parts?

    As for the California thing 2012 someone mentioned, might be another surprise concert date. Either way whatever it is. I would be there in a heart beat! Haha. It better be in America God Damnit if its announced here >.>….

  • Rammsus

    Its a great video, And I like both versions of the song, Even my wife likes the video ;-P

  • julian

    I loved it, something only Rammstein would do, UNIQUE, i thought the end sumed up exactly what rammstein are about (the last minute with the face-paint and at night on the beach) Rammstein is the best 🙂

  • Kevin

    Uhh, did anyone else notice the part where it said the party was going to be at Sycamore Beach, Southern California, 2012? Could this be an announcement of an event? I know that it is where they filmed the video, but still, why the 2012 part?!

  • mark

    I agree about Jonas akerlund videos being below par, but this was as good as it could be. I really enjoyed the song, and the changes they made to it were fine, though the demo did seem a bit better. But i do wish theyd done something more story orientated. However Sam is right, its completely Rammstein, not taking themselves too seriously 🙂 and i really dont know what to expect from Vergiss uns Nicht

  • Sam

    This is crazy talk, this video and this song are amazing and totally 100% Rammstein. The demo was good too but this version just rocks harder.

  • Nick

    Wow they totally butchered the song. Glad I have the demo cause I loved the older chorus a lot better. This doesn’t even sound like a song. It makes you wonder what happened to the? “music” they made so many years ago. Just disappointing.

  • SPARTAN-45

    I agree it wasn’t their best vid, but it still wasn’t terrible by any means. I know that we’re all used to seeing something crazy and chaotic with their music videos but this was just something different.

    I didn’t think the song was bad at all. I just think it didn’t have as much of an impact because of the tone and feel of the video. Had the whole video been fire, chaos and titties like the ending was, it might have flowed a little better.

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    ITS AMAZING !!!!!!

    love it 😀


  • Jahrhunderte

    Disappointing video – as always with Akerlund.

    The song is bad, too; Eisenmann had much more potential.

    This is probably one of their last works, it should be epic, Sonne-like epic.

    I hope “Vergiss uns nicht” won’t sound like “Stirb nicht vor mir” or “Frühling in Paris”.