Rammstein Zerstören lyric with English translation

Meine Sachen will ich pflegen
Den Rest in Schutt und Asche legen
Zerreißen zerschmeißen
Zerdrücken zerpflücken
Ich geh am Gartenzaun entlang
Wieder spür ich diesen Drang
Ich muss zerstören
Doch es darf nicht mir gehören
Ich muss zerstören
Doch es darf nicht mir gehören


Ich nehme eure Siebensachen
Werde sie zunichte machen
Zersägen zerlegen
Nicht fragen zerschlagen
Und jetzt die Königsdisziplin
Ein Köpfchen von der Puppe ziehen
Verletzen zerfetzen zersetzen
Doch es darf nicht mir gehören
Ich muss zerstören


Ich würde gern etwas zerstören
Doch es darf nicht mir gehören
Ich will ein guter Junge sein
Doch das Verlangen holt mich ein
Ich muss zerstören
Doch es darf nicht mir gehören


Zerreißen zerschmeißen
Zerdrücken zerpflücken
Zerhauen und klauen
Nicht fragen zerschlagen
Zerfetzen verletzen
Zerbrennen dann rennen
Zersägen zerlegen
Zerbrechen sich rächen

Er traf ein Mädchen, das war blind
Geteiltes Leid und gleichgesinnt
Sah einen Stern vom Himmel gehen
Und wünschte sich sie könnte sehn

Sie hat die Augen aufgemacht
Verließ ihn noch zur selben Nacht
I want to tend to my things
and reduce the rest to rubble
Ripping, bashing
Crushing, picking
I go along the garden fence
And feel the urge again
I must destroy
But only if it doesn't belong to me
I must destroy
But only if it doesn't belong to me


I'll take your belongings
I'll annihilate them
Sawing, stripping
Not asking, smashing
And now the supreme discipline
Pulling the head off a doll
Hurting, tearing, corroding
But only if it doesn't belong to me
I must destroy


I would like to destroy something
But only if it doesn't belong to me
I want to be a good boy
But the desire overtakes me
I must destroy
But only if it doesn't belong to me


Ripping, bashing
Crushing, picking
Chopping and stealing
Not asking, smashing
Tearing, hurting
Burning, then running
Sawing, stripping
Breaking, avenging

He met a girl that was blind
Shared pain and like-minded
Saw a star go from the sky
And wished that she could see

She opened her eyes
And left him in the same night

Zerstören (Destroy) is a song about a young boy who likes to destroy other peoples belongings. This song is played quite fast and with high energy. It opens with a woman singing Turkish folk song Huma Kusu and loud slightly echoing drumming, and increases in intensity until the “end” of the song. At this point it relaxs a little, and is a bit quiet, calm and soothing. The listener hears a sad story, or (arguably) the ending to the same story:

“He met a girl that was blind, shared pain and like-minded. Saw a star go from the sky and wished that she could see.

She opened her eyes and left him in the same night.”

In the background a cute, child-like keyboard can be heard. It ends with some odd discordant notes.

  • This album is so filled with emotions, which is why Rosenrot is by far one of my favorite albums (though most of their songs are filled with emotions, these ones really get to me a lot). I love the beat of the songs and the meaning of all the lyrics so much.. though the same can go for the other albums/songs, this one really seems to get to me.

  • Bob

    Just saw concert. Till comes onstage in Pashto dress. At end of song, removes overcoat revealing pyro bomb vest and blows himself up

  • Oliver

    Then she understood him for the psycho he was and left him.

  • SohnMan

    As a note, I believe the use of Himmel really suggest heaven (or heavens) as opposed to sky. It makes more sense with the lyrics as well.

    • Same. It’d make more sense if it were talking about heaven(s), to be honest, but I could see where “sky” would fit, sort of.

  • Azariak

    Funny enough, in video games (minecraft mostly) this used to be me, and still is (on pvp servers), though I have decided to destroy less…

  • Engel


  • Alejandro

    I do hear that.I hear her voice.
    Ich höre ihre stimme.

    This song is amazing.

  • DerRyder

    can anybody hear the girl’s voice at “Zerreißen zerschmeißen” at the beginning.. and “Zersägen zerlegen”

  • Christoph3r

    Dylan. It is about wanting to destroy. Why didn’t you think to say it was about al Qeada? Or Iraq invading Kuwait? Japan invading China? China invading Tibet? Genocide in Africa? Or (GOD FORBID!!!) Germany invading Europe? America didn’t invent it…we have only perfected it!

  • Rammstein works are very hard to interpret due to the extremely metaphoric nature of German language. What that means is they speak in a way that requires understanding of their last 1,000 years of History. Bottom line: Europe was the Source of all Hell on Earth… illness, violence… I think the Story of Boudica fits this but Research Continues. RisePatriot Youtube for moving fractal 2012 rammstein interpretives with subs.


    “This has no links with politics.

    It’s a story of a guy who is always kind and good, but he’s ugly. He wants to destroy everything because no girls want of him, but he’s too good to do it. Then he meets a girl who is blind, they are the same? inside, so he wishes that she could see and she sees him and leave him because he’s ugly.

    Almost the same meaning as Morgenstern.

    Humans are creatures of the eyes”

    • Hussein Algerf

      Too much simplifying…
      Morgenstern has different meaning and story

  • Sic fan of Six Ram

    I Love this song. It says on the lyrics page, that this song means (Destroy) it is a song about a young boy who likes to destroy other peoples belongings.
    @Dylan, and Canada, I was not for America going into Iraq, but this is not what this song is about. I am sick of everyone lumping all Americans into the same category and blaming us for everything. One of my best friends is from Canada and she’s also a big Rammstein fan and she does not have these views.

  • Ça?r?

    Haha the beginning 😀 Great song indeed. Although the mid part soundslame, the soft voices in the closing part makes this song something to listen.

  • Alvin

    This is my favorite song!
    Rammstein is amazing.. even if I seriously suck when I’m ‘attempting’ to sing a-long, hehehe..

    German is one of the languages I’d really like to learn, it’s the most beautiful language in my opinion, very passionate!


  • Anonymous

    they should perform this song live 🙁 i love it so much

  • Canadian

    Dylan is right, it’s about how America keeps poking it’s head in every one else’s busyness and ruining them. Take Irak for example…

  • Dylan

    This song is about America and the Iraq War…

  • Ace400x

    Oh, how this reminds me to listen to this alone, less I flip out on someone when they touch my stereo volume, which is always at 190% due to me putting in a 15″ speaker cone in my suround sound speaker system.

  • Sonne

    @Kansa Yeah this song helped me a lot in learning German verbs. thanks rammstein! 🙂

  • Kansa

    Great cathartic song~ little cheers me more than growling along to the lyrics… and it’s great vocabulary, what with all the infinitive forms of the verbs.

  • Black_Cougar_1999

    I LOVE this song! Went through a horrable break up and listened to this song to calm myself down. Found out that towards the end my ex was with someone else. I would listen to this song and scream along and hope that he was like the boy at the end who was left when the girl he was with would see why I left him.

    Gotta listen to this song NOW!!!

  • _BAyTAR_

    the begınning of the song is… AWESOME!!!!!!!!!1

  • darthberkay

    in the opening the woman says "yar, yarim, sen aÄŸlama aman", means "beloved, my beloved, don't cry please" rammstein rocks!!!

  • Rinestein-47

    this song is hella cool

  • BlackWolfMan2

    Now i understand the lyrics, loved it before knowing them. Now i'm thinking of putting it in my shoreel of my art and animation. Fits right to my comic superhero.

  • dis

    this is a total aggression song. one of the reasons rammstein is the best… i can dance, thrash, smash, or become deeply emotional. they honor all of my cathartic needs.

  • Fuhrers true Love

    i love this song….so …..awesomly awesome

  • andy alltäng


    nice song

  • Eiserne Jungfrau

    cool, i like it

  • Artemis

    i love this song.