Rammstein Te quiero puta! lyric with English translation

Hey amigos . . .
Adelante amigos . . .
Vamos vamos mi amor 
Me gusta mucho tu sabor 
No no no no tu corazón 
Mucho mucho tu limón 
Dame de tu fruta 
Vamos mi amor . . .
Te quiero puta!
Te quiero puta!
Ay que rico

Ay que rico un dos  tres 
Sí te deseo otra vez 
Pero no no no tu corazón 
Más más más de tu limón 
Dame de tu fruta 
Dame de tu fruta 
Vamos mi amor . . .
Te quiero puta!
Te quiero puta!
Ay que rico

Entre tus piernas voy a llorar 
Feliz y triste voy a estar 
Feliz y triste voy a estar

Más más más por favor 
Más más más sí sí señor 
Más más más por favor 
Más más más sí sí señor 
No me tengas miedo
No te voy a comer
Más más más por favor 
Más más más sí sí señor 
Sí sí señor

Te quiero puta!
Te quiero puta!
Dámelo dámelo
Te quiero puta!
Hey friends . . .
Go ahead friends . . .
Come on, come on, my love
I really like your flavor
Not not not not your heart
Really really like your lemon
Give me your fruit
Come on, my love . . .
I love you, whore!
I love you, whore!
Oh, so good

Oh, so good, one, two, three
Yes, I want you once again
But not not not your heart
More more more of your lemon
Give me your fruit
Give me your fruit
Come on, my love . . .
I love you, whore!
I love you, whore!
Oh, so good

Between your legs I'm going to cry
I'm going to be happy and sad
I'm going to be happy and sad

More, more, more, please
More, more, more, yes, yes, sir
More, more, more, please
More, more, more, yes, yes, sir
Don't be afraid of me
I'm not going to eat you
More, more, more, please
More, more, more, yes, yes, sir
Yes, yes, sir

I love you, whore!
I love you, whore!
Give it to me, give it to me
I love you, whore! 

“Te quiero puta!” (I want/love you, whore!) is notable for being Rammstein’s first and currently only song in Spanish. It is the only song in which Rammstein has predominantly used a trumpet, though Benzin and Rosenrot both use a trumpet, and one can be scarcely heard during Klavier’s bridge. The song itself is a combination of the band’s usual loud heavy-metal attack and mariachi music. Till Lindemann’s love for Hispanic culture was the main inspiration for the song’s style, because as he claims, “In South America it is more open surfaces. And the music with the warm-blooded rhythms one can dance to. And the women…” (“Closeup”, September 2005). He wrote the lyrics to the song together with his girlfriend, who speaks fluent Spanish. The Spanish vocals are sung by Carmen Zapata.

  • Lindemann ?

    To be honest though, everybody quibbling over whether ‘Te quiero’ means ‘I love you’ or ‘I want you’ it kind of makes no difference because he still says ‘Vamos, mi amor’ which I think we can all agree means ‘my love.’ So it really makes no difference whether he says ‘I love you’ or ‘I want you’ because in the end he still calls her ‘my love.’

  • Muden


  • Wise

    In spanish Te quiero is easily translated as I love you, which is the meaning Till wanted to give this song

    Te amo, as many have pointed out, expresses a much stronger feeling.

    for example, you can say “Te quiero” to your mother, your sister/brother, or your best friend. An english speaker would say I love you in all of this situations and the intention would be the same

    But spanish speakers “usually” reserve Te amo for your love interest, your girlfriend/wife…you get the drill…anyway both Te quiero and Te amo are commonly used indistintely. But your girlfriend is more likely to be happier if you say Te amo LOL

    p.s: Im spanish, I know what Im talking ’bout here 😉

    • Raine Heartily

      I think its intentionally stated as “Te quiero” because the man didn’t love the girl as what he want and like is to have sex with the girl.

    • Carlos Luque

      though te quiero could be translated as i want you, as an object more than the emotional te amo

  • Indra Diblik

    Love this song. I laughed until I cried the first time I heard it and now I can’t stop.

    Ok, now to the translation issue. I’m Mexican and español has way a lot of diversity within the meaning of some of it’s words, unlike English. Yes, in Spanish we have “te quiero” and “te amo” which in English you translate both as “I love you”, but the lyrics of Rammstein have always been diverse with what they mean. Whatever you guys wanna pick up with this song, it’s ok, either you wanna want a whore or you wanna love a bitch and you wanna eat her pussy or her (small…) boobs its just fine, because at the end he just want to f**k her real good without emotional attachments.

    Now, have a tequila, turn up the volume and relaaaaaaaaaax.

  • sonoranreptile

    Te Quiero = I want………
    Te quiero, puta = I want you, bitch

    • Born in Guatemala

      Actually “I want” is either “Quiero” or “Yo quiero”

  • The-Number-1-RAMM-FAN

    I wanna see this live!

  • Lena

    This is one of my favourites because
    1. Its in Spanish and I actually understood it my first time listening to it, and
    2. Its not well known but still awesome. One of those treasures that only a true Rammstein fan would know 🙂

  • RammSykes

    Oh. after doing a lil research…no it isnt Till’s girlfriend…sorry.

  • RammSykes

    The Woman is Till’s Girlfriend i believe she’s Latino.

    • HeilGrammar

      If you say “latino” you’re talking about a man, not a woman-

  • Draugen

    I love this song, and the woman’s voice is giving me a boner.

  • RammSykes

    I can’t believe how many useless posts there are about the right or wrong translation !!! be happy you got ‘an idea’ of what it means and just goddamn enjoy RAMMSTEIN.

    Idiot : is it You Hate or you have ?
    RAMMFANN : Just STFU already !!!

  • Fern

    Hola mi gente de latinoamerica

    and sup ppl from the north…

    *yo coincido con mis paisanos que va más a la parte de “i love you” en lugar de “i want you”
    *I agree with the replies that say that “te quiero” goes more to the part of “i love you” simple. we dont say “te quiero” for expressing desire…or somethin like that, for that we say “te deseo” but its kinda…not that usual…sounds like a quote of a tv show 4 ma granny…anyway, and “te quiero” is “a friendly i love u”

    aaand i think its more a fun song than anything else with double sense humour… “dame de tu fruta” “mucho mucho tu limón” lol…

  • Engel

    I think that Till wanted double-meaning title for song…..and yes, I agree that this is funniest song by Rammstein xD

  • Josh

    I’m slowly but surely becoming Mexican.

  • Aussie

    love/want . . . its a cool song.

    Literal translation mistakes. . . LOl TBH i don’t care for the english lyrics when i sing the song as i sing it in spanish.

    its funny, which IMO is how Rammstein want it portrayed, cannot see why so many people are hung up on the i’s and t’s

  • christian

    For those guys that they said that te quiero puta means i want you are totaly wrong, the song are based on a mexican song, you can hear the mariachi and here in mexico te quiero puta es almost love you bitch, but is no love, is just like : i like that bitch yeah she fuck so f&@%#&! Ing good, i love that bitch, that is the meaning hehehehe

  • Where I live (in Argentina) “Te quiero” is usually used as meaning “I love you” as Jim said ‘te amo’ is kind of higher or poetic.
    However I Think Rammstein made a little mistake with these concepts.It´s kind of funny when I fist heard the title of this song I laughed because I thought he was saying “I love you whore” then I listened to the song… what he obviously wants to say is “I want you whore” which real meaning in spanish is “Te deseo puta” because he just wants to fuck her xD

  • HackDotContextual

    Where I live (In PR) Te Quiero means I want you but a lot of people use it instead of Te Amo but in this song he means “I want you” since he says he doesn’t love her he just wants to fuck her. Where Till uses lemon he is reffering to her pussy as all of you have said 😀

  • karlzt

    worst rammstein song ever?

  • LadyCrove

    First time I heard this, I was in a metal club and the thought was: “Wtf… This is Till’s voice… Spanish…? No way…”
    Then the music ended. Someone told it was rammstein and I felt old, because kids knew about this song and I didn’t, stoped on mutter.

    (And yes… “Te quiero puta” is “I want you, whore” not “I love you, whore” that would be “te amo puta”. – I’m not spanish, but I live right next to spain.)

  • DaveSykes

    Love her crazy laugh !!!

  • ThisSong=LOL

    This sound is funny as hell, when I read the title of it, I thought that it was gonna be rammstein’s first bullshit song… I was wrong, when I started hearing it, I LAUGHED so hard, that I started to cry, and my stomach started to hurt.

    It’s just funny when the whore says: “Más más más por favor
    Más más más sí sí señor
    No me tengas miedo
    No te voy a comer”
    Or when Till says:”Mucho mucho tu limón
    Dame de tu fruta”


  • Aubrei

    HAHAHAHA you all make meh laugh not in a bad way thow I believe all you input is valued :$

  • No.1-Ramm-Fan

    want this played LIVE god-dam-it !

  • May

    I’m south american and had a german exchange student as a classmate once. We used to sing this song all the time.

  • Licanueto

    @Cat: rico can be translated as rich but also as tasty which makes pretty much sense here

  • Cat

    I thought rico meant ‘rich’, not ‘good’…I see why they put ‘good’ though, when people say ‘How rich!” perhaps meaning how wonderful.

  • torck

    refering to dorsay, in fact there’s lots of words to define pussy in spanish although, there are lots of other words only used in central-south america. there’s no sense with lemon and pussy in spanish (spain) , dont know if other countries use it 😉 hope is the information you seek Dorsay.

  • jim

    terry patton and metalfanfrommex are both right.
    ‘te quiero’ literally means ‘i want you’. ‘i love you’ can be correctly translated as ‘te amo’. but people use ‘te quiero’ instead of ‘te amo’ most of the time. ‘te amo’ is kind of higher or poetic.
    and about dorsay post; what could be said?. you gave a perfect explanation man.
    the only thing is that we use ‘lemons’ for not big but nice boobies. but for sure, there’s so many words related with fruits (and a lot of eatable things) to allude pussy. and limón it’s good to to rhyme with corazón. also the double sense with Tequila ritual.
    ‘i’m not going to eat you’ (just your lemon) hahaha.

  • Fontaine

    thank you metalfanfrommex!!
    i mean, how well can a Canadian speak spanish anyway?!

  • Dorsay

    “really really like your lemon” is also, a double meaning,were “lemon” could mean, given the strong “mariachi” trace on the trumpets and the song, the piece of lemon you normally bite when drinking Tequila,probably the most famous liquor from Mexico, and also, which is what I think they were aiming to, is their way to ask for her pussy…although there are WAY to many ways in Spanish for this kind of “requests”…that is why I love Spanish, you can say one idea, using a lot of different words each time…any Spanish speaker or Latin American who would like to comment here?

    Y que viva Costa Rica!!…

  • Guyll

    take that canada

  • MetalFanFromMex

    Well in fact "te quiero" can be also translated as "I LOVE YOU", and i think this is one of the many double meaning concepts that Rammstein use in their lyrics, only in Spanish… And BTW, i am mexican, so i think i can clearly tell the meanings of this song in particular.

  • Terry Patton

    Te quiero puta means I WANT YOU WHORE not I LOVE YOU WHORE!!!

  • klangbaumherz

    Más Más Más Por Favor

    Más Más Más Sí Sí Señor

  • Paul

    really really like your lemon…?WTF

  • Brooke

    I loooooooooooooooooooove this song, its simply orgasmic

  • Ben

    No me tengas miedo

    No te voy a comer

    Más más más por favor

    Más más más sí sí seńor

    Sí sí seńor

    those lines arent in the song i have