Rammstein Spring lyric with English translation

Auf einer Brücke ziemlich hoch
Hält ein Mann die Arme auf
Da steht er nun und zögert noch
Die Menschen strömen gleich zuhauf
Auch ich lass mir das nicht entgehen
Das will ich aus der Nähe sehen
Ich stell mich in die erste Reihe
und schreie

Der Mann will von der Brücke steigen
Die Menschen fangen an zu hassen
Bilden einen dichten Reigen
Und wollen ihn nicht nach unten lassen
So steigt er noch mal nach oben
Und der Mob fängt an zu toben
Sie wollen seine Innereien
Und schreien

Erlöse mich
Enttäusch mich nicht
Spring für mich
Spring ins Licht

Jetzt fängt der Mann zu weinen an
Heimlich schiebt sich eine Wolke
fragt sich Was hab ich getan
vor die Sonne es wird kalt
Ich wollte nur zur Aussicht gehen
die Menschen laufen aus den Reihen
und in den Abendhimmel sehen
Und sie schreien


Sie schreien
Erlöse mich
Enttäusch mich nicht
Spring für mich
Spring ins Licht

Heimlich schiebt sich eine Wolke
vor die Sonne es wird kalt
Doch tausend Sonnen brennen nur für dich
Ich schleich mich heimlich auf die Brücke
Tret ihm von hinten in den Rücken
Erlöse ihn von dieser Schmach
und schrei ihm nach


Erlöse dich
Enttäusch mich nicht
Spring für mich
Enttäusch mich nicht
On a bridge, quite high
A man holds his arms open
There he stands and still hesitates
Right away the people swarm in droves
I won't miss out on it either
I want to see it up close
I get into the first row
And scream

The man wants to climb from the bridge
The people begin to hate
They form a dense crowd
And don't want to let him down
So he climbs back up
And the mob begins to rage
They want his innards
And scream

Redeem me
Don't disappoint me
Jump for me
Jump into the light

Now the man begins to cry
A cloud moves in secret
Asking himself what have I done
in front of the sun, it gets cold
I just wanted to see the view
the people break ranks
and look into the evening sky
And they scream


They scream
Redeem me
Don't disappoint me
Jump for me
Jump into the light

A cloud moves in secret
in front of the sun, it gets cold
But a thousand suns burn just for you
I creep onto the bridge in secret
and kick him in the back from behind
I redeem him from this shame
and I scream to him


Redeem yourself
Don't disappoint me
Jump for me
Don't disappoint me 

“Spring” (Jump) is about a man who climbs high onto a bridge just to see the view. A crowd gathers, thinking that he wants to commit suicide and encourages the man to jump. The man tries to climb down but the crowd doesn’t let him. In the end, with people screaming at him, he is kicked off the bridge by a member of the crowd (Till’s “character” in the song), saving him, as they see it, from his shame (of being mentally unable to jump). The song has a very melodic, gentle and melancholy keyboard-based chorus, accompanied by Till’s trademark voice.

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Rammstein Spring lyric with English translation, 9.7 out of 10 based on 312 ratings
  • Jindrich Zapletal

    It just happened in Schmoelln, Thueringen, October 2016

  • anton pepaj

    this song it remind me “the hunt”. a film by Thomas Vinterberg. Lucas (the main character) is accused
    for something he did’t do. Klara ( also a main character) who start up this charge, isn’t sure for that but she begin to get more and more certain stimulated by all her relatives. so now she hasn’t any doubt that Lucas is guilty so do all the community. and all Lucas life turn into a nightmare from something that never happened. the same in this songs, the main character
    suffers and is stimulated from the mob that his real attention was to jump not to see the view.

  • C.j. Zonneveld
  • moya

    thank u so much my friend,your translation and totally your job was great


  • ola jphansson

    Just listened to this song again after some years timeout and just realized how perfect compozed this song is and that this is how rammsten generally sound according to me to produce unique quality music that’s arts rammstein on fire over and over again

  • Supahsalami

    But what about the secret clouds?

  • Chase

    a song needs to have 2 major components to be successful…
    1)to be catchy
    2)to appeal to ones interests
    this song has captured both those elements and has truly made an awesome song good job rammstein

  • Brendan

    When I read the translation, I think that the crowd is just his guilt persuading him to jump. He hears the people (his sins) shouting for him to take his life. He tries to climb down, but his angst is too powerful to let him walk away. When he gets kicked in the back and falls is when he succumbs to him redeeming himself…

  • Cindi B

    The man climbing the bridge did not intend to commit suicide. “Ich wollte nur zur Aussicht gehen… und in den Abendhimmel sehen” — just climbed up to see the view. The mob of people had a bloodthirst, wouldn’t let him down, and forced him off the bridge. Till often uses “the light” to symbolize death. By telling the person on the bridge to “Spring ins Licht”, Till’s character (and thus the crowd) is encouraging him to jump to his death rather than trying to get him down to safety. This song is about the public’s lust for blood and horror, raging against innocent people, and overall “mob mentality”. It is a commentary about the deep-seated ill nature of humankind towards one another.

  • rammstein

    I think this song has a strong parallel to the story of jesus. Humanity is asking for him to die in order to ‘redeem’ them? ‘Jump into the light’ – something like ‘die, go to heaven and save us’. He starts having second thoughts – like the bible says – the human part of Jesus is afraid, wants to go back, but still he has to die so people sentence him to death.

    • Victor

      Nice point!

  • Sonne

    @Nizzy I like spring as run:) Although I am quite sure Rammstein meant only jump I am also quite sure they would be pleased with new meaning of their song. But you know I don’t think Till would shout run because Rammstein are not so humanist and in this song I think they want to show the cruelty of human as the part of the crowd and here cruelty is the synonim to the cowardice.

  • Nada

    the man wanted to kill himself then he changed his mind but the crowed wanted blood and they become violent…when you see blood u ask for more and your animal instinct moves..is that what this song about ????
    anyway great melody i love it…

  • Dimedrol

    Terrifying song! Makes my skin crawl! And yet cannot stop listening to it over and over..Amazing!

  • Maddeness

    Such a tune. Till’s voice, the keyboard and the guitar make it so fucking epic!

  • Ellen

    I just get so f*cking scared of this song…
    love it <3

  • Rakaru

    Nizzy, Rammstein is German not Swedish so what do we care if its Swedish for “run”??

  • alex

    I would just like to add that I think one way of looking at this song is about how the news (and the populace in general) is always craving for more blood so their ratings go up…the news feeds on suffering.

  • Nizzy

    This is interesting to listen to when you consider that the swedish translation of “spring” is more akin to “run”.

  • Amy

    I don’t JJ.
    Hope I never have to see such a thing!
    I believe he really just wanted to see the vieuw, and got ‘killed’ by this crowd and by the one who kicked him.
    Unfortunately people do such things to each other in many ways.
    Nasty animals we are…
    Nasty song…

    And yet so very good..again.

  • JJ

    This is to Mac… I like the way how yours sounds and how the Description of the song sounds but i believe that it is about a man who wants to attempt suicide but he cant, so he tries to get down but the people dont let him. And “Till” goes to kick him off to “redeem him from this shame” that he cant kill his self. But i dont believe that “till” again was gonna jump or the others thought he was.
    everyone just wanted to see death! I think this song relates alot to this world. Teenagers like to see sniper kills on the internet and people like to enjoy real gore.(well not all)

  • Mac

    i dont know if anyone else sees it this way, but most R+ songs have more than one meaning, they way I see this song is he did go up to commit suicide, i got this from the line “A man holds his arms open, there he stands and still hesitates”. people tend to hold their arms out right before they jump, and what is he hesitating from in the first place? to jump. anyhoo, another part of this song i interpret is, after Till goes up and kicks the man off, the crowd still wants more, now they see Till up there and want him to jump, even though he only went up there to kick the first man off. and so it continues, in a circle.

  • The translation needs fixing! Hassen in this context is “to mob” like birds mobbing a hawk. I would also rather translate “Schreien” as “shout” rather than “scream”, because “scream” has a connotation of fear. Also, my browser is rendering some of the Umlauts incorrectly (e.g. Enttäusch and Erläse).