Rammstein Mehr lyric with English translation

Ich brauche vieles und viel davon
Und nur für mich, nur für mich
Von allem was man haben will
Brauche ich zehnmal so viel
Ich werde nie satt, ich werde nie satt
Es ist besser, wenn man mehr hat


Was ich habe, ist mir zuwenig
Ich brauche viel, ich brauche ganz viel
Hab nichts zu schenken, wozu Verzicht?
Zwar bin ich reich, doch reicht das nicht
Bescheidenheit? Alles was recht ist!
Ich nehme alles, auch wenn es schlecht ist
Ich werde nie satt, ich werde nie satt
Es ist besser, wenn man mehr hat

Mehr (7x)
Viel mehr!

Bin nie zufrieden
es gibt kein Ziel
gibt kein Genug
Ist nie zuviel
all die anderen
haben so wenig
Gebt mir auch das noch
sie brauchen's eh nicht (4x)

Ich brauche mehr!
Viel mehr!
Noch mehr!

Lyric © Rammstein
I need a lot and a lot of it
And just for me, just for me
Of all that one wants to have
I need ten times as much
I’m never satisfied, I’m never satisfied
It’s better when you have more


What I have is too little for me
I need a lot, I need a whole lot
I have nothing to give, why surrender?
Although I’m rich, but not that rich
Modesty? Come on!
I take everything, even when it’s bad
I’m never satisfied, I’m never satisfied
It is better when you have more

Much more

I’m never satisfied
There is no goal
There isn’t enough
It’s never too much
All the others
Have so little
Give me that too
They don’t need it anyway

I need more
Much more
Even more

Translation © Affenknecht.com

Submitted by EinHeisserSchrei

  • Igor Embromation

    This song is so abstract and yet so beautiful and powerful! Really underappreciated song #repeat

  • Abhineet Vyas

    Viel Mehr RAMMSTEIN!!! The best INDUSTRY ROCK GROUP!!!!

  • me

    alle die anderen, not all (that’s English)

  • V679drain

    I know it’s not much of the context but this song creates a rather interesting image in my head. *underage kids now cover your eyes, please* As he’s well known for not holding back in terms of women, my mind projected an image of Till in an uncountable bunch of hot naked blondes, banging one after another, not stopping, while yelling “Mehr!!” with his deep, animal-like voice overwhelmed with lust.
    The only problem I see with this is that his erection couldn’t have lasted long enough to have “more and more” but to make this iamge pefrectly realistic pharaceutcal industry offers viagra as an answer. Actually, as “Pussy” has had such a terrfic feedback, maybe they should make a video like that. I’m dragging this too far, aren’t I? Ah well…everybody’s got problems. I have my oerproductive imagination (that equals shitloads of problems but it’s totally worth it when getting excited over new ideas).

  • GN-0015

    This is the perfect anthem for me 😀

  • behrouz

    it’s a very favorite song for me.i think the lyrics of it say the reality of many things.thanks rammstein.we are wating for new songs of this band.
    with respect

  • Amniculi

    This could be America’s theme song.

  • E-SE

    Neither German or English is my native language, and I’ve already translated it to my mother tongue.

    So I dont know why did I do this ?[probably because I feel that this song is about me :)] , but here is my version:


    I want more and more of it
    and just for me, just for me!
    From all that man can have
    I want ten times as much
    I’m never satisfied, I’m never satisfied
    It’s better when man have more


    What I have it’s too less for me
    I want more, I want much more
    I have nothing to give, what should I resign?
    Altough I’m rich, but not enough
    Modesty? everything which is quite
    I take everything, even if its bad
    I’m never satisfied, I’m never satisfied
    It’s better when man have more

    Much more

    I’m never satisfied
    There is no target (goal)
    Not enough
    Never too much
    All the others
    have so little
    Give me that too
    They dont need it anyway

    I want more
    Much more
    Even more

  • schlecht

    @maria & @phil
    Yes, los is used in let’s go but
    los as a prefix to verbs has a meaning like less – losmachen – unfasten
    The noun Los is fate or lot. Also adj and adv
    All depends on meaning

  • Tristen

    It could be rammstein making fun of right-winged people, being outspoken lefties themselves.

  • Jerzy

    Mine too!!!

    In July I drove to Quebec City to see their concert. And I met them, just by accident, in one of old shops. I love these guys.

  • Maria

    “Los” does not mean “less”
    “Los” is German for “Let’s go” or “start”, has other meanings too, but it’s “Go!” or “release”.
    If you should translate the title, “free” is an option.

  • Veronica

    This could sound as blasfemy but I personally believe “Liebe ist fur alle da is the best Rammstein Album”, I’m fond to each and everyone of their songs (just as I was fond when Mutter was released or when Reise, Reise came out) wait, Is that a contradiction? Me encanta Rammstein. Los quiero putos¡

  • MasterButcher

    My favorite song on the album by far.

  • Phill

    Los- Less
    Mehr- More???
    make up your mind??? wait what about

  • RHiiZZAH

    Even though the song is in german and I can’t understand it, it rocks my socks off 🙂

  • Mai

    Yes you’re right NateTheGreat, some words just have a special feeling to them or can mean different things at the same time.
    Great song btw!

  • NateTehGreat

    Please remember everyone that you really can never fully convey the meaning of the song through translating it. It’s bound to be different somehow. Great song though… can’t get enough of it….. xD

  • Mai


    It’s not opposite of Keine Lust, because that one wants things too, but just is too lazy. There’s nothing said about working for it or not in this song.

  • Yams

    I really, really like this song, and I’m not entirely sure why. I mean, it really is a great song, like everything of Rammstein’s, but its the lyrics in this one. The way they portray greed in this song is amazing to me, and I’m not sure why xD I’m about as far from a greedy person as you can possibly get, but this song really appeals to me

  • i would like to see this on song …. single.but guys remember this song of the studio?it have different sound and it is not starting with lyrics.I think that will be the next single of haifisch in another version..

  • Ilse

    I want more of that 😉

  • johnny ro

    I grew up in comunism. Not so good… 😉
    I live now in ‘capitaliszm’… no comment. Anyway, many thanks for the translations!Cheers

  • Necromancer

    is there such thing old german and new one like today?
    in the meaning of accent and vocabulary.

  • Nick

    one of my favourite songs on the album, i just like the way the vs is quite nice and chilled then the chorus has that nice harder rammstein guitar sound

  • Ren

    yet again, another great song from Rammstein!! Bravo!

    And thank you for the translation of all their songs! much appreciated 🙂 Merci beaucoup!!

  • Nik

    It kind of makes me think of conquerors,’I mean yeah we took a country and all of what was in it,and,err…,why not take that shit-hole next to it eh?We could fill our pouches with whatever kind of riches they have there,like their completaly rusted copper pieces and tarnished silver and maybe their bones,how’s that for an idea Lord?’
    ‘You sicken me Uhtred,you know that?’
    ‘Meh…”Ich werde nie satt”.’

  • KillerBD

    This and Donaukinder have to be my 2 fav songs from their new album…. Actually I like all of their new songs, very well played Rammstein.

    At first when the album was first released… I wasn’t so sure about any of their new songs… But they seem to grow on me, I can’t get enough of them now. Rammstein is still the best.

  • sjaak

    @David Smith
    funny how this works, i think of overpaid kapitalist bankers who always want more and willing to even take from those who have nothing and you mention a ‘communist’ writer’s work. Somehow i think we both mean the same thing though. i havent read Marx. To me this song perfectly describes what i think is the reason for the current financial crisis: People with no goal other than greed and no morals

  • David Smith

    This song reminds me of Karl Marx’s ‘commodity fetishism’ works and plus he alongside Rammstein are both German, so he could be a direct influence!

  • Martin

    Zwar bin ich reich, doch reicht das nicht

    actually translates to:

    I am rich but that’s not enough

  • Exanthius

    After “They don’t need it” is a missing word… it should be “They don’t need it anyways”

  • Tim

    ‘I’m never at peace’ should be translated as ‘I’m never satisfied’, otherwise it would’ve been spelled as ‘zu Frieden’

  • cristiano

    hello! i would rather translate this:

    “Zwar bin ich reich, doch reicht das nicht”

    into this:

    “It’s true I’m rich, but that will not do”
    (that will not do = that’s not enough, you must do something more)

  • UmbrellaAgent

    It sounds like the total opposite of Keine Lust

  • E-SE

    My favorite song from LIFAD!

    I’d like to hear this live!

  • EinHeisserSchrei

    Melyanna, what some people did with the translations was put the German text into a translation engine. These translate text word for word most of the time and don’t account for grammar. I’m working on translations which include grammar and correct meaning 🙂 It just takes time!

  • “gibt kein genug” -> I would translate as “there isn’t enough”.
    “Are not enough” doesn’t make much sense.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • David

    Camel, if you’re talking about the “drum song” which we saw on the official site a while back, that’s because it WAS Mehr we saw and heard way back then!

  • Camel Wides

    omg, it has the same beat as the drum song at the chorus

  • J_

    I think every human being can and must reflect about this in so many ways! Nice song and lyrics.

  • Herzeleid

    wow, what a greedy song