Rammstein Ich Tu Dir Weh lyric with English translation

Nur für mich bist du am Leben
Ich steck dir Orden ins Gesicht
Du bist mir ganz und gar ergeben
Du liebst mich denn ich lieb' dich nicht

Du blutest für mein Seelenheil
Ein kleiner Schnitt und du wirst geil
Der Körper - schon total entstellt
Egal, erlaubt ist, was gefällt

Ich tu' dir weh.
Tut mir nicht Leid!
Das tut dir gut.
Hör wie es schreit!

Bei dir habe ich die Wahl der Qual
Stacheldraht im Harnkanal
Leg dein Fleisch in Salz und Eiter
Erst stirbst du doch dann lebst du weiter

Bisse, Tritte, harte Schläge
Nadel, Zangen, stumpfe Säge
Wünsch' dir was, ich sag nicht nein
Und führ' dir Nagetiere ein

Ich tu' dir weh.
Tut mir nicht Leid!
Das tut dir gut.
Hör wie es schreit!

Ich tu' dir weh.
Tut mir nicht Leid!
Es tut dir gut.
Hör wie es schreit!

Du bist das Schiff, ich der Kapitän
Wohin soll denn die Reise geh'n?
Ich seh' im Spiegel dein Gesicht
Du liebst mich denn ich lieb' dich nicht

Ich tu' dir weh.
Tut mir nicht Leid!
Das tut dir gut.
Hört wie es schreit!

Ich tu' dir weh.
Tut mir nicht Leid!
Das tut dir gut.
Hör wie es schreit!

Ich tu' dir weh.
Tut mir nicht Leid!
Das tut dir gut.
Hör wie's schreit! 

Lyric © Rammstein
You’re only alive for me
I put medals into your face
You are entirely devoted to me
You love me because I don’t love you

You bleed for my salvation
A small cut and you’re horny
The body – already totally distorted
It doesn’t matter, whatever pleases is allowed

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Hear how it screams!

With you I have the choice of torment*
Barbed wire in the urethral tract
Put your flesh in salt and pus
First you die but then you live on

Bites, kicks, hard blows
Needle, pliers, blunt saw
What you wish, I don’t say no
And insert rodents into you

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Hear how it screams

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Hear how it screams

You are the ship, I’m the captain
Where should this journey go
I see your face in the mirror
You love me because I don’t love you

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Hear how it screams

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Hear how it screams

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Hear how it screams

Translation © Affenknecht.com

Submitted by EinHeisserSchrei

Translation Notes:

* Inversion of the German collocation “die Qual der Wahl haben” (the torment of choice, means to be spoilt for choice)

  • IT

    This song is about a relationship in which one is the tormentor and the other enjoys being tormented. Look around you-the life is full of examples of tormented women or men that play martyr and think that “bleed for the salvation of the other” With this behavior they actually infuriate even more the other person and at the end they win an upper hand in this twisted relationship. That is why Flake goes out at the end like a victor.
    Rammstein songs do not stop to amaze me with their wisdom.

  • DBFinn

    I think it’s also about rebirth or reinventing yourself, if you watch the show. Flakke is punished, and comes out reborn.

  • Isabella Stevenson

    I find it strange that this song has little to zero comments about it. This song fully fills my carnal and sick mind. Given half the chance I would love to physically abuse someone this way.

  • Süßkind

    For me, a song by a typical Borderline patient
    He cuts himself and injuredall
    always look immediately : to the symbolic Pain describe lines :
    barbed wire in the urethral tract and introduce Rodents keyphrases
    but the true and most important line are :

    You are the ship, I’m the captain
    Where should this journey go
    I see your face in the mirror
    You love me because I don’t love you

  • Philippa Lyon

    If the band was Italian there would be women’s rights screams everywhere.

  • Guest

    Rammstein Das tut dir gut.

  • Shavais

    I came across this because my nephew mentioned that his clique is into German metal, these days.

    I don’t like most heavy metal “music”; all the loud noise, screaming and pounding, and intentional, over-the-top dissonance is usually a bit much for me. But I actually kinda like the music in this song. There is a fairly catchy melody and harmony, the screeching that is there isn’t the centerpiece, and the beat doesn’t scrape chalk at hummingbird speeds.

    The imagery, while it certainly has the usual demonic/necrophilic overtones, that has always been, is, and no doubt always will be all the rage among teenagers, does have a certain sort of other-worldly, electric zaniness that I can appreciate, some.

    I don’t think I find the lyrics to be particularly inspiring, though. It seems to me that most bands that try to appeal to teenagers sort of pound their chest, shake their fists and yell about something. Often they’ll present themselves (the band members) in a way that makes them appear really powerful, dangerous, unpredictable, and completely free from any restraints on their behavior. It’s a thing designed try to garner a sort of primal sex appeal, and to appeal to teenagers who feel attacked and constrained by peers, parents, teachers, society’s norms, et etc. They often would seem to conjure things demonic, things dead, dying, in some state of extreme decay, and/or to extreme sexual perversion.

    The lyrics certainly are poetic, I suppose, and are worthy of some credit for being so, but they’re almost formulaic (in the sense of being cliche in the extreme), to me, in their general thrust. The “dentist” interpretation is amusing, but it doesn’t really jive; a dentist doesn’t “bite”, “kick”, employ “hard blows”, or “insert rodents”.

    There could be said to be some potentially plausible interpretation that doesn’t involve the band leader essentially taking the role of the master in a sort of demonic, S&M nightmare; they could be playing the role of someone the song is describing that they hate. It could be their mom or older sister loudly remonstrating with them (bites, kicks and hard blows), trying to press into their mind some anethmatic ideas (“insert rodents”) that there are good reasons for some of the rules that they have a strong desire to defenestrate.

    Or they could be playing the role of a school bully. But if they are playing the role of a bully, then it’s not really clear whether they’re intending to cast the bully in a hateful light, or glorify the bully. Maybe both. If it’s both, then it could be a form of a sort of observer art – they’re experiencing life and describing some part of that experience. Cave man cavern carvings.

    Or maybe they’re depicting their own critics and detractors. Protractors could say that by criticizing them I’m providing a perfect example of what they’re talking about. That is a common teen idiom, too – mimic, in a hateful way, those you hate, and then when they object, laugh at them for “demonstrating the point.” But if your critic is making valid points, they’re not really deserving of that kind of treatment.

    Anyway, taken together with the imagery in the video.. it’s hard to put much stock in any interpretation that doesn’t essentially involve the singer playing the role of the master in a demonic S&M nightmare. The impact that a set of lyrics has comes from it’s most obvious, most glaring interpretation, regardless of any more subtle interpretations which might be intended. It is done with remarkable artistry, I’ll admit; but a sickening, demonic S&M nightmare is still a sickening, demonic S&M nightmare, artful or not. An amazing and spectacular image of a smelly manure pile with flies and maggots is still an image of a smelly manure pile with flies and maggots. At some time in the past it might have been amusing to find such a piece hung on a bathroom wall, perhaps, but with today’s incredible cinematic tools, the act of glamorizing the very unglamorous has so pervaded the scenery and become so cliche that it is doing nothing more than dragging the common cultural climate downward.

    It’s possible that I’m wrong, that the imagery is just them “being themselves”, and they are actually trying to say something worth saying, but in the absence of any credible enlightenment about what in the world that worthwhile message is, my feeling about these kinds of lyrics in general is that it’s freaking high time to clean off the crap, and aspire to better things.

  • Till Lindeman

    For me you’re alive

    I’ll put you in the face Medal

    You are totally devoted to me

    You do not love me as I love you

    You bleed for my salvation

    A small cut and you’re horny

    The body – already totally distorted

    No matter it is my book.

    I have hurt you.

    I know i’m sorry!

    This is too good.

    Hear how it is quiet!

    With you I have a hard time choosing

    Barbed wire in the paper

    Put your flesh in salt and pus

    First you die but then you live further

    Books, tricks, hard blows

    Needle, pliers, blunt saw

    Wish you something, I do not say no

    And insert pages into you

    I have hurt you.

    I know i’m sorry!

    This is too good.

    Hear how it is quiet!

    I have hurt you.

    I know i’m sorry!

    It is too good.

    Hear how it is quiet!

    You are the ship, the captain I

    Go where the journey is geh’n?

    I see in the mirror your face

    You do not love me as I love you

    I have hurt you.

    I know i’m sorry!

    This is too good.

    Hear how it is quiet!

    I have hurt you.

    I know i’m sorry!

    This is too good.

    Hear how it is quiet!

    I have hurt you.

    I know i’m sorry!

    This is too good.

    Hear how it is quiet!

  • Mark UT

    I’ve heard some places say that it’s the soul/life singing to the body of the person

    basically that you have to sacrifice some of your physicality for your life or soul

    “Erst stirbst du doch dann lebst du weiter” or “First you die but then you live on” could go to “you sacrifice but then you benefit later”

    All the sadistic stuff could just be metaphors for the shit you have to face in order to live a good life.

  • Where

    To me it sounds like a man who is love with an S&M woman/man, and doesn’t want to do all this torture to her/him. But will do it to make the person happy.

  • Malfunction

    reading is connected to the controversy of rights and wrongs in a man. In my
    opinion it must be some kind of inner struggle for enjoy your life without

    Maybe he straight choose the devil side on purpose, hurting the remorsive side
    becouse it’s presence, becouse it doesn’t want to drown, no matter how hard you
    try to ignore. It’s still loving you, or sticks to you, even if you hate or
    torture it. It couse you troubles and pain on different ways: you suffers from
    your actions. It is allowed by you. You find pleasure in it, maybe it feels
    good to you (the ’bad’ side), to hear it scream (begging you to stop doing
    this).. You feel the pain sooner or later, you die and live on like nothing
    have happened before.

    The grandest paradox I’ve ever felt. It’s
    hellish, by the way.

    (Not new to anybody, we all borned with conscience, as I know.)

    It is all about choices.

    As a reply you can read the expanded version of this speculation. 😀

    • Malfunction

      When I first read the english translations the feeling this
      song is about hurting God, made me horribly sad. Despite the words “my
      salvation you bleed”, I could get on my own conclusion.

      I pondered about it, reading through the thread.
      You have amazing thouhts by the way. (I adore what ‘Anna’ wrote. Epic shot. xD)

      My reading is still connected to the controversy
      of rights and wrongs in a man. In my opinion it must be some kind of inner
      struggle for enjoy your life without remorse.

      As a matter of fact I do battle my intentions to surrender for my better side,
      for the good of myself.

      I know it isn’t good to be called a glutton, but
      good to taste whatever looks delicious, no matter the consequences. It’s not
      good to be called slothful, but there’s that kinky pleasure you feel when you
      roll about your bedsheets instead of getting up, no matter how important things
      you fail to do. Or being so damned covetable. And.. there’s pride and wrath.
      Being so badass.. see people clear the way.. or acknowledge they were wrong..
      fear you.. many things strange to say: being cool on the villains way. These
      couse morbid pleasure, you can’t even bear. So I stay guilty, becouse I can’t
      pull myself up by my bootstraps.

      Yes, the Bible says „therefore choose life”,
      blessed who reads, and so , but the way of the Lord is different. Mostly it is
      about serving people around. It has its beautiful bless (bad consequences not
      involved) which I know so well, yet I’m scared to lost these pleasures. It is
      easier to find pleasure this way, really, but there’ll be the devil to pay,

      These rows strenghtens me in my opinion:

      “You are the ship, I’m the captain

      Where should this journey go

      I see your face in the mirror

      You love me because I don’t love you”


      „You are
      my ship, I’m the Cap-e-tain

      Where shall the high seas roll again?

      In the mirror, I see your face

      I don’t love you, your love’s a disgrace.”

      The mirror thing is so obvious, that it makes me dubious. xD

      The last sentence is still a bit misterious, but it makes sense I think.

      (Shhh… I’m getting diffuse..sorry!)

      You can seperate these sides in words, but it’s
      impossible in mind. So there’s this battle between you and yourself, and there
      are different levels. For example play like seesaw or let yourself go with the

      And there’s when you straight choose the bad one
      on purpose, becouse It’s presence, becouse it doesn’t want to drown, no matter
      how hard you try to ignore. It’s still loving you, or sticks to you, even if
      you hate or torture it. It couse you troubles and pain on different ways: you
      suffers from your actions. It is allowed by you. You find pleasure in it, maybe
      it feels good to you (the bad side), to hear it scream (begging you to stop
      doing this).. You feel the pain sooner or later, you die and live on like
      nothing have happened before.

      The grandest paradox I’ve ever seen. It’s hellish,
      by the way. (Not new to anybody, we all borned with conscience, as I know.)

      It is all about choices. I have this subject on
      my brain since a long time, and I find stunning how much I could reveal, thanks
      to this song. I’ve heard its riffs today from the other room, since I did
      something, and fell in love with it immediately, running back the room and find
      the lyrics like a mad. When I found them it make me sad, but now I proudly
      declare It is my favourite Rammstein song. 😀

      I know it is funny to speak about such things in a thread like this, but I
      think you can see why I wrote it down.

    • Malfunction

      S-s-s-sssooorry for my english. And the long thread. T-T

  • i81b4udude

    Now one of my favorite songs EVER! Dooms drums sound SO incredible. I wish mine sounded so good! m/

  • Roger Birlson Jr.


  • Madarakita

    Holy Fifty Shades, Batman!

  • Engel

    Amazing song, and music video! Simply one of their best songs, but I always wonder, what exactly is it about, besides S&M sex or torture, lol, I have a feeling there is a deeper meaning. Anyways, awesome song by an awesome band!

  • Tina

    Comparing this text to Jeremy’s (see link above), I’ve noticed one interesting differece: “Egal, erlaubt ist, was gefällt” Jeremy transalates as “anything goes”, while here it’s translated as “whatever PLEASES is allowed”. VAST difference in meaning, yet in my humble opinion both translations are equally valid.
    Maybe an actual native speaker (I don’t care if you *studied* German at school, so did I) could tell me which meaning is “correct”, or if the line’s intentionally ambiguous.

  • Nathaniel Seeley

    Well you clearly used Google Translate for this because I got the same results when I did. I would like to see it translated by someone who speaks German fluently.

  • gonzalo

    i thimk its a metaphor to the emotional pain you inflict(if that´s an actual word im from argentina)on a person you don´t wanna be whith in order to push her/he away…

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    “needles,pliers&RODENTS?? i mean come on.it aint no poetry”

    your wording is suggesting that you likely listen to some meaningless rap or hip-hop without actual meaning or poetry like this

    but you are free to write better. you AINT restricted

    • austin

      This is hypocritical in that you are defending one type of poetry and demeaning another. I listen to and even compose a lot of independent rap which is far from “meaningless,” certainly poetic, and actually grammatically correct, yet I also recognize the strong metaphor that is this piece and many other works by Rammstein. So the next time you hear something like “smack that bitch, shoot that crip,” just remember that it may be just as figurative as this song’s “barbed wire in the urethral tract.” Also, the poor grammar of many rappers can be attributed to underprivileged upbringings which did not permit proper education. Let’s face it- rap and metal are each already frowned upon by much of society. Why would you want to make more enemies?

  • jean

    needles,pliers&RODENTS?? i mean come on.it aint no poetry

  • jean

    rammstein is simply sick

  • FireThunder – fingers crossed they play it for you: I saw it performed live in Wembley Arena, then again in New York at Madison Square Garden: luckily my ickle sister decided to get married just so’s I could come across from the UK and go to the concert (well, I told her if she chose 8th December we could go see them on 9th….)

    And guess what she got for her wedding present? Yup, a single ticket (I couldn’t afford one for her better half) to go with me to Rammstein. Who needs a honeymoon when you’ve got that?!

  • FireThunder

    Ich Tu Dir Weh is my favorite R+ song as well, and we can second guess the song selection on Made in Germany all day long. I’ll start the action with “Pussy? Really?” The good news is that there were so many great songs left off of MiG that there’s enough untouched material for a second compilation a few more years down the road.

    And the MiG tour is supposed to be based mostly around older songs with great stage shows, which is why Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen and Asche zu Asche aren’t on MiG, but have been played on the tour.

    However, I really hope they play Ich Tu Dir Weh on the US leg of the tour. Because I want to see it live. 😀

  • You’re absolutely right, Jonesy (and your 21 hits); it’s a great song. Shame they didn’t sing it at the recent O2 Arena concert, plus it’s not on their recent greatest hits album. Any ideas as to why they would have left such a classic out?

  • Mark Jonesy 21

    Excellent song. My new favorite. I noticed yesterday that it’s been played on my iPod 21 times in the past two days!!

  • Maria

    It’s about self-hate, in my humble opinion. If you put the song “Führe Mich” next to it, it’s the relationship you have with yourself. In a “split-personality” way.
    Both songs are soothing to me.

  • Allen

    I think the “Faggot! Ahhhh!” is representing the ignorant, cruel, paranoid fear that many have of homosexuals, not that Rammstein is in any way stating that they are afraid of homosexuals.

  • In the Little Black Rammbook, available on Amazon, I translate the lyrics in rhyme to match the song’s beat, like this:

    Just for me are you existing
    I bark orders in your face
    On deep devotion I’m insisting
    You love, me, but your love’s misplaced.

    For my salvation you will bleed
    One tiny cut you letch, indeed
    You body’s born to feel the pain
    To do with as I please again.

    I’m hurting yoo – oo
    See how I dare!
    You love it, too
    Hear the despair!

    I choose just how I torture back
    Barbed wire in your urine tract
    Immerse your flesh in salt and mire
    You’ll almost die, then be revived.

    Bite and kicks, hard slaps for you
    Needles, blunt saws, pliers too
    What you want, I won’t say no
    Unleash the rodents, let them go!

    You are my ship, I’m the Cap-e-tain
    Where shall the high seas roll again?
    In the mirror, I see your face
    I don’t love you, your love’s a disgrace.


    • nancy’s urethra

      wow, thanks. Bloody awesome.

  • Khandnalie

    As a BDSM Lifestyler, this song connects with me pretty deeply. Its not accurate per se, but for me its become something of an anthem for my life. The refrain especially speaks to me, about the nature of D/s, and how a Dom must see themselves in their sub. I could listen to this song for hours

  • Ollie Dallaire

    I Listened to this Like 17.231 times on itunes xD

  • Proud

    Very proud of everyone ignoring the trolls on this thread 😀 gj guys

  • SJJ

    My only problem with the translations is they are not staying true to the spirit of the original lyrics. The pentameter is never correct and the meaning always feel different. I’ve done rhythmically accurate translations and with studying each line almost word by word, and I think I’ve done good job on other songs but, I wanted to make that point.

  • *eMu*

    Masochism almost sounds amazing right now. xD

  • Du Hast Mich


    Dude why look up Rammstein,if you hate their music?
    dumb troll.

    anyway this song is so kick ass, one of the best songs I have ever listened to.

    Kinda makes me think of S&M.For someodd reason….

  • Go fuck yourself

    This song is about what he does to himself when he needs to be dad and go to pee.He is gay cunt.I fucking hate this artist,cuz I don’t know who he is .Do you need more honesty?
    He already wants to get killed.cuz I can’t stand this motherfucker.This is honest truthI hope another woman will like you more then me and you’ll become a bag of shit . your dick is shit.i hope you suffer from impotence.I vomit.how about this.cuz this is last last shit that i wish you and want to be.this is it.

    • Tyr

      You, sir, are a fucking retard, no more, no less. Before you go criticizing of the most original music acts from Germany, learn to spell. But first and foremost, actually learn the language you’re using to write your nonsensical bullshit. Given your post though, I doubt you have the brain capacity or IQ to even begin understanding the complexity and the intricate poetry that is Rammstein. So in your own words, go fuck yourself.


  • john

    uhmmmm barbed wire in the urethral tract….uuhm how did that get there? ._.

  • Alex

    Holy shit, the translation of the lyrics blows more cock than the gay version of Ron Jeremy.

    The translation is inaccurate and doesn’t forwards the vile context.

  • Chase

    @Anna, yes this is true, it struck a bow to me aswell but if you want to find out more its in his biography, and also, the next album comming out will unfortunately be the last we will ever hear from them

  • Anna

    @Raekon, thankyou, I took your words as a massive compliment 😀

    Slightly off-topic though guys, I heard Till once said that he was retiring when he hit 50 to spend more time with family, anyone know if that’s true? I’d love to see them once more in the UK before they call it a day!

  • Chase

    Rammstein: The only band capable of having lyrics so dark mixed with music so heavy that it actually becomes awesome
    no wonder this song is rated the highest

  • Phillip Cooper

    I truly feel this song on a personal level. I could say more, but there’s no point.

    I just wish Til was gay. LOL

  • Kayruul

    Man such a powerful song.. the vocals and instrumental work is perfect.


    This is honestly the best song out of rammstein that i have heard in a long time. I believe that he is saying what he feels when he writes the poem and then sings it. Just let him write what he wants, he’s got more talent and potential in his writing then most of us and it gives us an inspiration to listen to his kick ass mustic!!! Forever Rammstein

  • Finland boy

    Very good song. hard to sing but very powerful

  • Whatever

    The song translates exactly like this:

    Only for me you are alive
    I’ll put medals in the face
    You are entirely devoted to me
    You love me because I do not love you

    You bleed for my soul
    A small cut and you’re horny
    The body – already totally distorted
    Allowed matter is what pleases

    I hurt you
    I’m not sorry!
    It does you good.
    Hear how it screams!

    With you I have a hard time choosing
    Barbed wire in the urethral tract
    Put your meat in salt and pus
    First you die but then you live on

    Bites, kicks, hard blow
    Needle, pliers, blunt saw
    Wish you something, I do not say no
    And drove yourself a rodent

    I hurt you.
    I’m not sorry!
    It does you good.
    Hear how it screams!

    I hurt you.
    I’m not sorry!
    It does you good.
    Hear how it screams!

    You are the ship, the Captain I
    Where do you want for your trip go?
    I see your face in the mirror
    You love me because I do not love you

    I hurt you.
    I’m not sorry!
    It does you good.
    Hear how it screams!

    I hurt you.
    I’m not sorry!
    It does you good.
    Hear how it screams!

  • Raven

    Holy crap lol great song but seriously scary lyrics xD

  • Tempest

    I love that this song has sprouted so much conversation. And mainly just about the meaning. I agree with the overall themes, you have all thought very well (and seemingly hard lol) on this. I’ll say these things: I have loved Rammstein’s music since i first heard it, and always will (minus Rosenrot). They have very deep meanings that could all be taken in a million different ways by a million different people, go with what you are most comfortable with.
    @SHADOW I completely agree. Leave art to the open-minded. If you don’t like Rammstein, go listen to that poppy stuff that is meant to make you feel good and fill your head with shit. Thats just not for me. KEEP IT UP RAMMSTEIN! HEIL!

  • mc

    but…wouldnt es translate to she and not it?

    but the song is just amazing!

  • jayjasonjay

    The lyrics to this song are amazing. who needs another stupid love song about a girl. Rammstein has recently become one of my favorite bands. very talented group

  • Pussy Licker

    I think it’s about being gay, the guy looks totally gay in the video.

  • Jabor

    @ Anna, I like that you have a broad imagination. It is something that seems to be cut down in children through public schooling. Most of the time it is seen that through upbringing children are scorned for thinking outside of the box because its not what the taught material is looking for.

    @ Shadow, I do enjoy your outlook on this song. A very interesting way to look at it. Though not entirely sure how it fits i will be lookin into it more to see if I can grasp it in my mind.

    Overall I do believe this is a bit of a S&M. More of one succumbing to the will of another. And more of an infatuation. “Du liebst mich denn ich lieb’ dich nicht” follows my though on the infatuation. One wanting the other so much that even though they are not wanted, they will do anything in their power to obtain them thus loving them more for putting up a challenge. And as well “Du bist das Schiff, ich der Kapitän” follows my thought on succumbing to the will of another, being as one would be so enthralled as to let another make decisions for them. Use them as a puppet. Allow them to control their life, actions, decisions. As for the mutilation. Perhaps thats just what the figures are in to and they wrote it that way to give it more of a dark and eerie feel and sounds. And it fits due to the strange and obscure nature of Rammstein.

    Im not 100% on some of the lyrics however as a whole it is a very beautiful song. Extremely well written, As dark and mildly depressing as it is, everytime I listen to it I still find myself swaying back and forth and getting in to it. As Christoph stated in the “making of” video for the Music video of this song. The entire band agreed that this is musically the strongest song on the album and I do have to agree. Currently one of my favourite songs

    Alot of you do have some very interesting and valid thoughts on meaning of this song. However, Till being the amazing poet he is and this being poetry, It can be taken however the listener, reader, viewer, cares to take it. It is majority of what it means to them. Same is it means something to the writer, different than what the critic would take from it. He is very good with the way he writes in one being able to take more than one meaning from his lyrics.

    Tons of Kudos to Rammstein for being as amazing and talented as they are.

    – Brandon

  • Ravage

    this is my favorite song ! RAMMSTEIN 4LIFE !

  • pUssy

    it’s about jesus christ

  • the khan

    The BEST remains ENGEL..though this one’s worth its Salt! 🙂
    heil Rammstein!

  • Wiktoria

    RAMMSTEIN RULES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • random

    Well, the first thing that came to mind when I listened to this and watched the lyrics, was actually a totalitarian state “speaking” to a zealot.
    Imagine it, the state doesn’t really ‘love’ you, but you’re willing to get hurt. If you get hurt, that only makes you more proud and wanting for more. Sounds very much like some totalitarian movements and countries in the history.

    Love Rammstein and their lyrics’ many meanings 🙂

  • Flake

    This song is one of the best songs in the history of metal.

  • Maria

    I think it’s about self-mortification

  • Shadow

    dude that is awsum. Im a musician myself and i TOTALLY get this song. Its a stab (heh heh… stab) at popular social belief. the Idea of masochism is often rejected and treated with disgust. Yet that is EXACTLY what human behavior is today. What rammstein does, as-well as Marilyn Manson, is expose the worst human mentality. They cause discomfort on purpose because no one listens otherwise, and they do it with some kick ass metal XD. They bring on the shock factor. If you take the lyrics literally and act on um, well A). you probably shouldn’t be listening to them or B). your an idiot and you do it anyway. Leave art to the open minded!!

  • Hans


    I never expected anything like this after Rosenrot

  • Manuel

    Wow, I certainly believe this song is about extreme self-performed masochism…

    You are entirely devoted to me (it’s your own body)
    You love me because I don’t love you (masochists hate their bodies)
    You bleed for my salvation (masochists like to see their bodies’ suffer)
    A small cut and you’re horny (this also supports above)
    It doesn’t matter, whatever pleases is allowed (more self-harm = better)

    Also, you’re the ship and I’m the captain (ship = body, captain = mind)

    From now some people might think it’s masochism along with sadism, but…

    I see your face in the mirror… it’s yourself

  • i’ve been using a translator tool from firefox — it helps a lot- my god they’re so moving that i’m learning german to understand better. i didn’t know they were so amazing!

  • Legio

    I wouldn’t mess with religion here.. There are not many songs where Till’s message is religious anyway..

  • Léon

    Leid is not song
    Lied is song

    So it’s correct; tut mir nicht leid means; i am not sorry..

  • vision

    Could it be that we’re limiting ourselves to direct perception in the lyrics? Doesn’t Till use abstract symbolism in his messages? What if this song is about how the devil works…the demon runs the ship…the man allowed him aboard. People can want evil in their lives, and don’t see where it leads them.

  • Metallitar

    How is ‘tut mir nicht leid’ im not sorry, when leid is ‘song’?

  • Anastazia

    The best song on this album.This lyrics with Till’s voice….what can I say ?

  • kain

    this is the best song from the last album

  • Raziel

    i think that the medal part means that the writer is inserting seine teil in the other persons mouth, but the writer is so “proud” of his thing, that he calls it a medal/trophie…
    now, i think it could be talking of just one person, cause it never specifies that there are 2 different ppl there, and just to mention, i’ve seen a guy to put his own dick in his mouth and eat his cum in a movie, yeah it was horrible, but since then i knew that that was possible, so the first part i explained could be also done by one single person to himself

  • Can anyone tell me what lenses Till is wearing? Are those white/ silver white out/ zombie? please leave a reply.

  • Elle

    Incredible song! Even if it is about S&M it points out real feelings, a thing I love about music. One dedicated Rammstein fan <3
    God bless them!

  • Burritto

    I’m sure it’s just me, but the first 5 notes of this song always make me hear “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” in my head. I’m not comparing Tears For Fears to Rammstein, of course, since after those initial notes the song takes off and is the best song of the album.

    And I agree that the song is about S&M. It could be metaphorical, but S&M is all we can get from the lyrics.

  • Charismatic Enigma

    A thought comes to mind:

    “Ich steck’ dir Orden, ins Gesicht” — the speaker is congratulating the person whom he is torturing (whether it be himself or someone else) and honoring him with a medal… which he jams right into his victim’s face. This seems, to me, to fit in with the depravity of the whole thing.

  • Mimz

    This is my new favorite song for the time being, and I love the lyrics.

    …except the rodents part. That was ewie.

  • Rich

    Maybe this song is about self mutilation on a mental level. I have met a few people myself who seemed so obsessed with hating who they are that it becomes an obsession. It would almost seem like they actually enjoy it too. We all have our inner demons but some people tend to criticize themselves more than others. Take for example a girl who sees models on the television. She then starts critcizing herself for not having a perfect body, so to solve this she then becomes bulimic in hopes that she will one day be perfect.

    In the end maybe this song isn’t about physical violence but mental instead.

  • Jimi

    This is probably Rammstein’s best song off their new album.
    My German isn’t that great though, but I’ll know the entire song soon enough. One of the reasons that I like this song so much is it’s catchy and easy to sing along to, even if you don’t speak German.

  • Ghoulishgirl

    Ok, why does Nazism have to come up every time a German does ANYTHING? This song is about sadistic and masochistic behaviour, possibly self-inflicted. It’s not about the Holocaust, or Hitler, or the Jews, or anything to do with WWII.
    I personally enjoy how Till writes his lyrics to be intentionally ambiguous. You get out of it what you put into it. They might have twisted imaginations, but don’t we all? They just make a fortune from theirs. More power to him. No different from the sfx makeup artists on Saw (who are all lovely guys and only slightly twisted).

  • AnGermanBadass

    So at first Rammstein 4 Ever.

    Here is a “very Bad German Boy” …. German peoples are all bad…. ahaahah dont joke me. The Holocaust is past and with that has the most people now nothing to do. thy were all blind in past about hope were not hope to find it and what they have done is not to Mercy… but

    its 65 years since the war is end, and the world should look to a better Future and not to our bad Past.We are all so same but in the end so different. make your life happy or it will be run away faster as you can see. (;

    at last.

    Ich hoffe das mein english einiger maßen verständlich ist. xD

    Nice greets from germany. ^^

  • Léon

    Well now we are talking!
    It’s because they are from Germany???
    Well i now some facts in history that would make A. Hitler say;
    “Also also!”
    Drugsarebad, the things you say are worse then the lyrics from Rammstein with one difference, you mean everything you write…
    I think you are very dangerous.
    Wish you a nice weekend

  • ‘German people are vey bad sadists if you know what I mean.Stuff like that.It’s in their blood.’

    That’s called RACISM mr or mrs drugsrbad.

    If youre talking about the Holocaust, the nazis were very evil people, but that’s not to say that EVERY german person is or ever has been a nazi, and it’s very unfair to suggest it. that’s exactly what the nazis did about the jews.

    and you still dont get it, the song isnt LITERALLY about putting barbed wire or rodents into you, it’s METAPHORICAL.

    i dont really understand why you would look up the english lyrics to this song if 1. your first language isn’t english, and 2. you don’t like rammstein or till lindemann :s

  • Drugsarebad

    If you are from Sweden.I’m not a huge fan of german language.Pee Wee Gomez is your dad.

  • Drugsarebad

    yep these things assosiated with pain.but i wouldn’t call this guy normal.I wouldn’t talk to a guy who will put barbered wires in my urethral tract.I think this guy needs medical attention.And by the way,I want to see him in a starit jacket in a mental hospital far away from planet earth.I think with this he wrote poem about holocoust.Cuz he really knows who he is and what kind of pleasure he feels from pain like that.He is not honest german sadist.I think something he trying to hide.Like his very not good german sadism.German people are vey bad sadists if you know what I mean.Stuff like that.It’s in their blood.

  • Drugsarebad, you clearly fail to understand the point in poetry. If you read some of the great poets’ work like Carol Ann Duffy, there is some very ‘sick’ material in their poems. The idea is to use metaphors, similes, bla bla bla to create an emotion or send a message. It’s not supposed to be LITERALLY about barbed wire in the urethra tract, that could be symbollic for the pain of love, or for a sexual disease, or for a great feeling of pain, or anything. It’s all in the analysis, and you shouldn’t be locked up for writing poetry, it’s the people who carry things out that should

  • Drugsarebad

    This stuff is about puting song writer in mental hospital in strait jacket .I will be honest.Person who writes lyric like that must be locked up in mental clinic.This guy needs strait jacket and he should be locked up in room for special people with wires and bottle in his urethra.This is not about S&M at all.Agagagagagaga.This guy is sick.He needs to be in jail or mental hospital.This is very awful song.He very dangerous person for society.

  • ken

    skimming through some of your all, s&m seems way off, it is about multalation, about to the point of snuff sex and necaphela(i know i didn’t spell it right, sex with a dead person). reading it, it sounds like a lyrical verson of a snuff film. i’m not trying to piss everyone off, i love the song, real dark and a little to freaky for me. barbed wire in the urethra? oww, never even had a cathiter. and rodent in you? yeah, someone likes it weird. i also listen to death and black metal, and this one is up there

  • Wolfmammy

    @Lewis: Der….read-Till was abused by his alcoholic father and his mother put up with it for years. For abused people it is therapeutic to talk/sing/get their feelings out. This is why(I think) some of Rammstein’s music is so dark and why a lot of their songs deal with abuse in one form or another.

  • Lewis Friend

    This song is actually awful. Not only are the lyrics quite sad and slightly disgusting, the “music” itself could have been written by a 3 year old. The band clearly have some unresolved issues with their parents, and their own self esteam.

  • rammoholic

    When I saw this song live .. I cried. It was soooo awesome!! I was like, screaming until my throat got too sore to scream anymore! I repeat: IT WAS AWESOME !!! <3
    R+ forever !

  • Patrick

    Hi guys,

    a short explanation about the “Nagetiere” – thing!
    In the 60s-70s in England a thing came up in the homosexual scene to buy e.g. rats, mice, etc. in Pet shops.
    They took the animals claws to be sure not to get hurt and then they have been placing them into their own (or their partners) arses ! Never thought about the term “Pet Shop Boys” ! 😉

    Patrick (german)

  • Raekon

    As a teacher, I think your English teacher broke one of the most important rules of poetry analysis; that the truth is in the eye of the beholder. I think your analysis is great and funny. For one thing, you back your points with quotations, and it holds. secondly, if this was indeed the intended meaning of the song, it would make the censorship actions taken by the German minisiter of family, even more hillarious and stupid(although the pointers back in german history, with forbidden songs is frightening).
    I wish I had more students who were able to think in different patterns, like you can.

    • nancy’s urethra

      The album was added to the index of the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien (Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons) in Germany, due to the track “Ich tu dir weh” and a picture inside the album booklet displaying Richard Kruspe spanking a nude woman.[23] This means only adults can purchase the album; additionally, it must not be displayed in stores where minors have access (see BPjM for details).[24] As a consequence, the album was re-released in Germany on 16 November in an edited version without the censored track and picture.[25][26] The band still played the instrumental version song live in Germany until it was ultimately banned from live performances.

      Despite the censorship, the video to “Ich tu dir weh” was released on 21 December 2009, on adult website Visit-X, just like the video to “Pussy”, after advertisement on the band’s official German website. Any references have since been deleted, presumably following German law prohibiting advertisement for media on the index. In Europe, a single was released on 5 February 2010, and in the UK on 15 February 2010.[27]

      As of 31 May 2010, the administrative court in Cologne has decided to waive the suspensive effect of censorship (case 22 L 1899/09). The German department deleted the record from the censorship lists on 1 June (Decision No. A 117/10).[28] On 9 June the band announced on their official website that the original version of the album was already available at their shop and that a release of the single “Ich tu dir weh” in Germany was planned in a short period of time.[29]

  • I think it’s about a dentist.

    ‘Medals’ could be fillings, the choices of torture ‘the blunt saw’ ‘needles and pliers’ etc are the dentist’s tools. The ‘I see your face in the mirror’ bit, dentists use mirrors to look into your mouth.

    Think about the chorus. ‘I hurt you’ obviously having your teeth drilled hurts; ‘I’m not sorry’ because it’s his job; ‘It does you good’ well obviously it’s better than your teeth rotting and falling out, and ‘Hear it scream’ think about the noise a drill makes-it screams.

    I’m not sure though, I was always told off in English literature. ‘Anna, although I appreciate that you have the ability to read between the lines, perhaps you are looking too deep. Try not to let your imagination take over when annotating these poems in your exam’

    Either way, Rammstein’s music is awesome, and Till’s poetry is both clever and beautiful 🙂

    • nancy’s urethra

      Barbed wire in the urethral tract, not sure if a dentist would approve of that though. jk
      nice thought though.

  • Leon

    I am confused about ; Ich seh im Spiegel dein Gesicht, mayby he is looking to himself (???), so self-mutilation is possible to?! Has the person multiple personalities?


  • Kiecool

    I believe this song could be taken in 3 almost opposite directions. One would be the S&M many have stated. The second as a few I have read have also stated could be that one likes to abuse and the other likes the abuse. But the third (which has happend to me) could be that you fall inlove with someone that doesn’t love you back. You upset them and they hurt you emotionally and physically and think of different ways that they could do stuff like that to you. They hurt you just because you are there. Then you follow every word they say to a tee and nearly boarder on obsession in the way that you think of. They finally realize that someone did that to them in a previous relationship type deal and they think that that behaviour is the right way to solve it but when they see that it was wrong they can’t stop. So they continue to hurt. I had it happen to me I don’t hurt back though but I got out of that and now my life is better and if any of you guys or girls are going through that read and see what I said getting out of it might be your best choice.

  • Bebby879

    Wow Ididnt Expext the translation to be that strong

  • RichardGere

    About the ‘Nagetiere’-issue:

    This is a well known urban legend called ‘gerbiling’, even wikipedia knows about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerbiling

    Rammstein are not the first ones in pop culture who make a reference to this legend. For example there is a scene in the John Waters movie ‘Cecil B. Demented’ showing this practice. I’m sure there is also a ‘Drawn Together’ episode where you can see the gay one (Xandir?) pooping out a hamster. There may be a lot of other examples, but i’m too lazy to search for them now 😉

  • Ikke

    About the ‘Nagetiere’ again:
    I study Psychology, and there is one famous story about the ‘Rat man’: It’a man that Freud had in therapy, and the man had horrific fantasy’s about wrapping a jar of rats onto his father’s buttox, and the only way out for the rats was.. wel.. eating a way out through his ass.
    Maybe it has something to do with that. It’s a bit more violent than the hamster story, though that was a funny story too. 😉

  • Yeah, I’m pretty sure the context is S+M though, so to ‘stick/shove the orders in your face’ would make more sense. I only thought it might be a typo as it definitely sounds like Till is singing ‘ordern’.

  • Ren

    My favorite on the album by far!! I love the way Till sings on this one, espacially during the chorus. It is so beautiful to hear. He has a strong and present voice but soft at the same time *sighs* I wish one day i’ll be able to see them play this one live among many many more!!

  • Taryn

    I think that “orden” can be translated to “order” just as well as medal. Of course, it depends on the context. So, I think “I stick your order in your face” makes more sense. An order being an order of duty, seeing as it is the submissive’s responsibility to take care of what is stuck in their face. Not physically to go through the face, but in front of.

  • I think there’s a typo in the lyric booklet. I think ‘Orden’ should be ‘Ordern’ meaning ‘Orders’ not ‘Medal’ …but knowing Rammstein this is probably some ambiguous meaning I haven’t discovered yet 🙂

  • Nebel

    With respect to my poor German and much better English, I believe “I hurt you” is a better way to express this than “I harm you”. If I were a Dominate singing this song to my submissive as I stick Mein Teil in her face and order her to service and accept all it has to offer, I would surely sing ” I hurt you” rather than much tamer “I harm you”. Try it the other way and you would get your ass beaten and made to be the bitch. Real life 24-7, how it is.

  • Jayce

    “Ich tut dir weh” is better translated as “I do you harm”. It sounds better with the song that way, too.

  • Nebel

    “Ich steck dir Orden ins Gesicht.”
    With respect because I am not a German expert, but I do not think “I put medals into your face” is the correct translation. I think it means I stick Mein Teil in your face along with orders to service it and accept all that comes from it. Maybe not exact words, but this longer interpretation is closer, I think, as Rammstein uses elegant imagery. Most of the people here do not understand the BDSM D/s world. This song is not about self mutilation, it is one sadistic, dominate person doing things to a masochistic submissive. They are both willing participants….. Think of the story that Mein Teil was about. A young man cut his genitals off and offered them for a romantic supper along with his life to please the Master Butcher.

    What a great song for an album that is titled “There is love for everyone”

  • Antachrist

    God and his follower, punishment for following/love.

  • Dazza

    I do agree on the S&M and dominatrix meaning but like AdlerWolf said there could be many meanings and has anyone thought that is could be about putting someone through hell so it make them stronger… yet another meaning that could be gathered from the lyrics… but i do have to say Till Lindermann is one of the most gifted song writers in the world!

  • Vicky

    Zweite Zeile ist falsch: Ich steck dir ORDERN ins Gesicht

  • Jackie

    This song reminded me a lot of 120 Days of Sadom by Marquis De Sade.

    Warning, you really have to have a very strong will to read this. I was upset for a few days after reading the torments, and I’m not that easily upset by fiction. However, it did also help me understand where concepts, like the one for the Saw films come from.

  • Hyde

    I was first little confused about these “Nagetiere”, then I have recalled the case of two homosexuals – one of them “inserted” a hamster into his boyfriend’s arse, though he wasn’t able to take it out, so he took a lighter to better see it. Gases in guts immolated and the hamster was fired out of the hole. I know it sounds little stupid, but it’s a famous story, at least here, in middle Europe..

  • molecule

    I agree: it’s about domination & abuse. that’s ok, everybody’s free to feel whatever it suits the person. But what about when the abuser finds the wrong “victim” who doesn’t like to be abused? what about abusers who are so stubborn in abusing persons who don’t agree being abused? An abuser’s strategy may be so complicated… For those who like abusing non-willing-to be abused victims I guess it might be a warning here…the abuser must find the right person to form the “perfect” couple and this is their bussines, but they should leave others alone to be as free as they are. Or else 🙂 So I guess this song may teach us to behave in our way when and if we are permitted to.

  • Storm46

    I think It’s about domination in a sexual sense and in a relationship sense. One person likes to be an abuser and the other one likes to be abused.

  • swideer

    for me is that song about a hc fetish sex… 😀

  • Bigtimefan

    I feel like its about s&m, as well as some dominatrix shit. I could be wrong, but i only came up with this cause i mean… they are rammstein lol

  • AdlerWolf

    MHANSEN The song can be also about a man/woman how don’t love his couple and is with he/she just for the pleasure of hurt him/her and she/he like to be torment. Your interpretation is very good too, very dark. Till have proof one more time that he is a poet, his lyrcis are always extremely mysterious and have too many interpretations, I do not know how he have the talent of writing such ambiguous lyrics, is simply amazing.

  • MHansen

    The song is about self mutilation, as far as I can gather. The protagonist is viewing himself in the mirror, goading himself to worse forms of torment.
    Fantastic song, feel good hit of the year 🙂

  • Csaba

    The whole album is very ass-kicking! The SE version’s tracks are perfect too, especielly “Führe mich”. OMG, Rammstein made the best AGAIN!

  • Dolph Lundgren

    One of my favorite songs of the new album! I hurt you, I m not sorry!!!

  • Chrystal

    my favorite song off the album! it so perfect and flowing, but so sexy and strong! while also being dark, like Till himself!!!!


    LOve this song absolutely hardcore

  • Tim komlody

    ich liebe diese lied!!!! ich hast ein groß sehnsucht für rammstein !!!!!!!!!
    This song and haifisch (shark) are my favorites… The whole album is murderous!!!!

  • Rammsus

    Damn this song is Good!!

  • Till

    This is definitely my favourite on this album.. Very good song- great rhythm, and even better melody! Rammstein forever!

  • teodor

    very good song