Rammstein Führe mich lyric with English translation

Du bist mir ans Herz gewachsen
Wenn ich blute hast du Schmerzen
Wir müssen uns kennen
Ein Körper, zwei Namen
Nichts kann uns trennen
Ein Zweilaib im Samen

Wenn du weinst, geht es mir gut
Die Hand deiner Angst, füttert mein Blut

Führe mich, halte mich
Ich fühle dich, ich verlass Dich nicht

Du bist mir ans Herz gebaut
Zwei Seelen spannen eine Haut
Und wenn ich rede bist du still
Du stirbst wenn ich es will

Wenn du weinst schenke ich dir
Kinder der Angst, Tränen von mir

Führe mich, halte mich
Ich fühle dich, ich verlass Dich nicht

Zwei Bilder nur ein Rahmen
Ein Körper doch zwei Namen
Zwei Dochte eine Kerze
Zwei Seelen in einem Herzen

Führe mich, halte mich
Ich führe dich, ich verlass Dich nicht

Lyric © Rammstein
You have grown in my heart
When I bleed you have pains
We must know ourselves
One body, two names
Nothing can disunite us
A twinbody in semen

If you cry, it’s okay with me
The hand of your fear, feeds my blood

Lead me, hold me
I feel you, I won’t abandon you

You are constructed at my heart
Two souls span one skin
And when I speak you are silent
You die when I want

When you cry, I give to you
Children of fear, tears from me

Lead me, hold me
I feel you, I won’t abandon you

Two pictures, only one frame
One body, yet two names
Two wicks, one candle
Two souls in one heart

Lead me, hold me
I lead you, I won’t abandon you

Translation © Affenknecht.com

Submitted by EinHeisserSchrei

  • andreeadobre

    Always had the feeling that this song and Ich Tu Dir Weh are actually about the on stage persona vs real life Till. But hey, there are always a million different ways you can interpret Rammstein lyrics.

  • kallymansam

    i reckon it’s a song about the human conscious, and it referrers to the mental tug of war that goes on in the head of a person torn between their morality, and hedonistic desires, like the the god and the devil, good and evil, the frontal lobe and the amygdala, whatever you want to call it.

  • Natalie

    I first heard it in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac and since then it’s
    been strongly associated with this movie, that’s why the lyrics have
    completely different meaning to me 🙂 I prefer the movie version of this
    song, where Till sings Nymphomaniac in the chorus.

  • Jack D Ripper

    i thought this song is about the Führer Hitler

  • MetalNick

    I’m fairly confident that this is about someone with split personalities, someone who has two sides to him like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or possibly someone battling addiction.

    “Und wenn ich rede bist du still”

    This line in particular shows that only one of the two is in control at a time (the dominant personality/state).

    “Zwei Bilder nur ein Rahmen
    Ein Körper doch zwei Namen
    Zwei Dochte eine Kerze
    Zwei Seelen in einem Herzen”

    This continues the theme of two objects existing in one containing entity, rather than one object being composed of two distinct entities. If the lyrics were about a relationship between two different physical bodies the opposite would be true (e.g. “one soul, two bodies”).

  • Süßkind

    my interpretation from “Halt” ;

    it is not to siamese twins but it treats schizophrenia
    Good additionally take in the movie “Fight Club” at suffering schizophrenia Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as its other ego Tyler Durdon

  • fary

    thats awesome, i think this fascinator lyrics try to tell us about conscious and unconscious

  • sbixen

    I think it’s about leading a double life. There’s two parts to you, and one is dominant and wins in the end.

  • Olja

    I think it might be interesting to mention that the song has been featured in Lars von Trier’s movie Nymphomaniac. Therefore it might be connected to the relationship between our consciousness and our basic instincts, ego and id.

  • Steve

    Oh, come on people. It’s about obsession with another person. He sees his lover inseparable from himself.

  • Gabby Gaytan

    This is one of the best love songs of Rammstein <3

  • Cheryl Adrienne Didur

    I’m not sure I understand the symbolism (which of course they would say is not there…) a split personality maybe?

  • Mike

    it’s not

    “ich verlass dich nicht”


    “ich verlass dich fuer richt”

  • Valkryie

    I’m listening to the cd while I’m reading the words. Do you know that in a few places Till is not saying the same thing as the background words. In two places Till says “Verlass mich nicht” “Don’t Leave Me” before the background singer(s) say “Ich verlass dich nicht” “I won’t leave you.”

  • Wolf

    I thought it was about someone who was miserably and torn about himself.

  • Edvaard

    I just happened to finish reading the book Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse. I recommend this excellent novel on its own account, but it also happens to explain this song perfectly. In the mean time one can search the title on the net and get a good synopsis of it. It’s not about ‘split personality’ but rather just an aspect, a strong and possibly dangerous one, of this everyday man that he feared because he wasn’t sure what it was about. He referred to it as der Steppenwolf (‘steppes wolf’ or lone wolf). At various times he would gather strength to let the wolf lead him (Führe mich- lead me)and even argue with it.

  • Simpleeboran

    I think it’s about a Master and His slave 😉 bdsm.. ring a bell?

  • Alex:)

    I like the idea of the two best friends more 🙂

  • freak

    I think it’s not about Siamese twins at all, i think it’s about schizophrenia or 2 best friends.

  • Alex

    I think the song is about siamese twins that can’t be separatet.

    “Two pictures, only one frame
    One body, yet two names”

  • Alex:)

    My interpretation:
    siamese twins that cannot be separated :/

  • AsinineAntlion

    This song makes me think of Edward Mordrake. Don’t really think that’s what the song’s about, but the sinister lyrics and sonic atmosphere bring him to mind.

    I figure Edward Mordrake’s story could have been the inspiration for this, though. It explains the physical nature of the song’s conflicted persona.

  • God

    They dont have “verlass mich nicht” in here, why not?

  • nunodn

    Marigold, i was also thinking about pregnacy and abortion, i guess it s a valid opinion

  • Marigold

    did anyone else think pregnancy and possible abortion? i mean, i quickly glanced thru the comments and saw one or two.

    i thought of pregnancy with these lyrics:

    “You are constructed at my heart
    Two souls span one skin
    And when I speak you are silent”

    with some violent exceptions i won’t mention, when you have sex, part of your heart is in it, your emotions. whether it be love or lust, your emotions are definitely in it. Two souls could be two different people on “one skin” ? obvious. “One body two names” = the woman carrying the child and has picked out a name for it.

    i thought abortion or miscarriage when i read “When I bleed you have pains” and “You die when I want.”

    just my interpretation. 🙂

  • Cinderella

    Nothing to do with sadomasochism in my humble opinion.

    I think this song is written in first person as a woman may experience love. For those who like references, see “the woman in love” chapter in The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir. (Although written in 1949, filled to the brim with generalizations and not PC at all, still contains many truths and worthwhile reading.)

  • drew

    This song seems to refer to the Ego(consiousnence) communicating to the Id(animal instincts). Till says that one shutsd up when I speak, this seems to mean that the Id is quiet when the Ego is active. These are all traits of humans and we have both the Id and the Ego within us.

    -thats my input.


  • mavis

    Not a problem, would work except for the reference to the double helix of the dna strand in the first verse “twinbody in semen”. Ooh! Does our conscience come from our dna?My experience of prejudice has been that it only exists as a way to hold onto mates. Our evil relates to our ability to reproduce; thus our conscience as well. I think it is a possibility:) We fans our hilarious, this is a SONG; we are the one’s who give these deeper meanings to it. Hell, it could refer to how hate and love fill our hearts and love kills hate when we feel it,etc. So? The song is a beautiful masterpiece with layers of meaning to the one who listens, that is why it’s a masterpiece.

  • Sonne

    Can it be our conscience? We can’t abandon it, but still it’s silent when we speak and sometimes we let it to lead us.

  • bak

    i meant-the process of becoming one. (not: the “proces of unity”) Sorry

  • bak

    i would agree with cinamon revenge. There seems to be two persons involved, one dominating, the other submissive. This explains the change from Wenn du weinst, geht es mir gut
    Die Hand deiner Angst, füttert mein Blut to Wenn du weinst schenke ich dir Kinder der Angst, Tränen von mir. All the “biologicalW references seem to metaphorically allude to a loss of personal integrity. This just makes the metaphor much, much stronger. Regarding the “seemen” refrence, it doesn’t contradict this since it simply refers to the proces of unity, and loss of identity. Anyway, the song is great. We can all agree on that one

  • Alan

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve turned my girlfriend into a Rammstein fan. I played the song for her and showed her the translation of the lyrics, she likes the song a ton. Her view is the song is about a baby or child. The “two names one body, two souls one heart, two pictures one fram, two wicks one candle” represent the parents’ contributions to making the child.

  • Dunkelheit

    Yeah, DarkFairy003, I think it’s as simple as that.

    My favourite song on the album, after Wiener Blut.

  • DarkFairy003

    I thought this song was about when to people have sex they are “one” 🙂

  • CinnamonRevenge

    “Also, they must be twins because they are a “twinbody in semen”, suggesting they are in the same womb, with the same father.”

    “Ein Zweilaib im Samen” Joined by semen… Hense, the same person, if this song was about split personality that reference wouldn’t be necessary.

    – I disagree, don’t you know what an allegory is? It’s just a figurative expression… don’t take it literally.

    I guess no one read the links of Erich Fromm’s book I posted before, so I’ll retell it quick (sorry for grammatical mistakes or bad expression, English is not my mother tongue)

    I think the song is about this:


    biological union: Mother-Child – they’re two, yet one; they need each other.
    psychological union: the bodies are independent, but they depend on each other psychically.

    PASSIVE FORM OF THE SYMBIOTIC UNION = masochism; the masochist escapes the unbearable feeling of isolation by attaching himself, and making himself part of another person, that is leading and protecting him, that is so to speak his life, and without that person he can’t live. The masochist is nothing but a part of the person that he is submitting himself to. That way he becomes a part of the person’s greatness, might and security. The masochist is taking no decisions, he is never alone and never independent.

    ACTIVE FORM OF THE SYMBIOTIC UNION = sadism; control of another person. The sadist escapes his loneliness by attaching another person. The sadist is dependent on the person who is worshiping him, the same like that person is dependent of the sadist; They can’t live without each other.
    The only difference is that the sadist is commanding, using and humiliating the masochist, while the masochist is letting himself be commanded, used and humiliated.

    – Both forms are unions without independence and integrity.

  • Rammkrieg

    “Ein Zweilaib im Samen” Joined by semen… Hense, the same person, if this song was about split personality that reference wouldn’t be necessary.

    “Du bist mir ans Herz gebaut
    Zwei Seelen spannen eine Haut”
    Two souls span one skin. Two people in one body, that’s what confuses people, but if you refer to the reference I just made above, Rammstein seems to be alluding more in a physical sense than a metaphorical one, you can’t really make a metaphor out of the word “semen”.

    “Two pictures, only one frame
    One body, yet two names”
    Two people in one frame, that’s a dead giveaway. This songs about simese twins, not split personalities. If it were about split personalities, there’d be more metaphorical references rather than blatantly saying things like “joined at the heart, joined by semen, etc”.

  • Rammspieler

    @Udeeksh: Definitely Till.
    @Kazzandra: Excellent idea – it sounds like one twin is trying to keep the other alive, and states that the other has ‘grown inside’ him. I think that’s another likely explanation.
    @Rammstein7: True, R+ often aren’t obvious, although alot of songs on this album are: Rammlied – a tribute to themselves, Wiener Blut – the Fritzl case, Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da – inrequitted love, rape. Also, they must be twins because they are a “twinbody in semen”, suggesting they are in the same womb, with the same father.

  • Rammstein7

    Siamese twins partially makes sense, however: Du bist mir ans Herz gebaut\You are constructed at my heart. This means that the thing he is talking about isn’t a physical being. Based on this line, I’d go with the split personality… Let’s not also forget that siamese twins is too obvious: That is NOT how Rammstein work….

  • Dunkelheit

    The song reminds me of these words by Milan Kundera:

    Love is a desire for that lost half of ourselves.

  • Dunkelheit

    I think this is Rammstein’s version of a love song – with minimal schmaltz. (And some baffling lyrics that could mean they did not have that much time to fine-tune it or maybe not many words rhyme with “Namen”?) Could possibly be interpreted as: if anything’s going to happen here, you’re going to have to take the lead.

  • Cinnamon Revenge

    Siamese twins, split personality? – perhaps…

    But I think it’s about a symbiotic union, or immature love, like Erich Fromm described it, please read so you can understand:

    The Art of Loving
    http://www.scribd.com/doc/24547494/Erich-Fromm-the-Art-of-Loving (p. 19-21)

    Die Kunst des Liebens
    http://www.scribd.com/doc/87427/Erich-Fromm-Die-Kunst-des-Liebens (S. 36-38)

  • Rammspieler

    Ivaan: Maybe, but R+ try to avoid political themes.

  • ivaan

    Well, i think that song has some political background.
    I feel song has something about two German splited states. What do you think??

  • Udeeksh

    Any idea who’s on the backing vocals?
    Kruspe or Landers?…
    I ask this as the backing vocals are quite prominent and sung beautifully too!

  • Kazzandra

    This is not just about Siamese twins– it could be about vanishing twins.

    Du bist mir ans Herz gebaut
    Zwei Seelen spannen eine Haut
    Und wenn ich rede bist du still
    Du stirbst wenn ich es will

    That last line in especial veers me in this direction.

  • Dmitriy aus Donetsk

    Just a little correction:

    Du bist mir ans Herz gewachsen should be
    You are so precious/dear to me

    Great Band, great music! Sie halten niemals ein!

    P.S. the zwei-leib concept reminds me of Bückstabü:

    Zwei Seelen ‘ach in meinem Schoß,
    es kann nur eine überleben!

    and a little bit of ITDW:

    Ich seh’ im Spiegel dein Gesicht

    Rammstein is never easy 🙂

  • Mark

    My first reaction was siamese twins also,

    the “two-names” translation kinda gives it away, plus i think it’s refering to how hard it must be for people born as siamese twins and touches on some of the emotions that may be experienced, such as…

    “And when I speak you are silent,
    You die when I want”

    – could possibly mean something like “when i talk, you shut up” which could refer to the two twins trying to compete for attention. Despite how much they love each other, they feel bitter towards each other too, maybe they resent each other sometimes because they wish they could be alone but can’t because they are connected.

    That’s just what I thought anyways, lol

    Very cool song!

  • Pzkok

    I support the Siamese twin idea.. very good music. Cause of them i wanna learn Deutch.

  • Taryn

    Opposed to “Ein Zweilaib im Samen”, I hear more of “Ein Zweileib im zahmen” meaning a tame or controlled “zweileib”. Zweileib meaning what a previous commenter said, literally translating to a “two-body”. Seems to fit the song.

  • Rammspieler


  • Nick

    If it were about a split personality “two names” Would be too corny for rammstein. i have to go with the siamese twins theory, a twin body in semen? sounds to real to be a split personality

  • Benjamin

    Hm… this makes me think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde..

  • Wolla

    I think it is like how it is with smeagol and that other weird creature in Lord of the Rings!
    Most of the time the songs are about things that are more ‘common’ than, for example, the siamese-twins!

  • Enn

    This sounds extremely familiar to Spiel Mit Mir, in Live Aus Berlin.

  • Kaptcha

    IMO, it is too obivious that the song is about siamese twins. Too obivious to be true. You have to thing about it longer to see that it is about personality.

  • Korikal

    I agree with Spare201, it definitely seems to be the personality to me. If it were siamese twins, wouldn’t they both be able to speak? Maybe I’m looking at the lyrics too much.

  • spare201

    It refers to duality of personality. You have a persona you operate within day to day and then their is your darker half you keep hidden. Two inseperable halves of the same being. ego and id.

  • Hans

    for me, this song is also about siamese twins. i’m 90% sure Till also meant siamese twins.

    and like stated above; twinloaf is mistake. Zweilaib is litterly a “two-body”

  • Ivo

    i love this song, i love the album. haha the first time, when i heard the song i thought that it was ghost, or somekind of deamon, wich was in the person 🙂 🙂
    Rammstein forever!

  • olly

    PavleG 🙂 haven’t seen your message while i was posting… I’m happy tha I’m not alone with this “strage” idea

  • olly

    I think it’s just about siamese twins 🙂

  • PavleG

    Maybe it’s silly, but first my imagination while reading translation was – Siamese twins…
    Yeah, Till’s vocal here is unbelievable!

  • Lilitus

    because then you will be blinded to anyone but yourself. isnt thats what love is? makes you care unconditionally for that one person? 😉 and i think ill stay a romantic its a more fun way to live. hope is the last thing that dies

  • Heidi

    You be romantic, I’ll be practical. I stopped believing in those a long time ago; we create our own reality. If we wish for someone to be close on that level and they are like-minded, it will happen. That is the law of relativity. The real twin and soul mate is yourself. If you can’t fall in love with the reflection in the mirror, how can you feel anything real for anyone else?

  • Lilitus

    well being a romantic that i am i actually thought it was about soul mates for some reason. the thought of it talking about one single person didnt even came across… heheh but totally kick ass song! i think it might actually be my favorite especially for the vocal parts ..beautiful! very dark and deep^^

  • Heidi

    Split personality? 😉 It reminds me of a wedding tradition where two candles light a unity candle to show the unity that is suppose to bring between two individuals. It also reminds me of those halloween pictures where you look one way and it’s normal and you look the other way and it’s a psychotic animal:) The whole body thing sounds like a very interesting form of communion to me;)

  • Nicro



    In German, there’s “Leib” and “Laib”. Number two means loaf, number one means body.
    In this case, number one is right.

  • a fan

    This song, more than previous ones, reminds me of Laibach’s “Sympathy for the Devil”… Till’s vocal is just a phenomenon here.

  • Burak Kucukcerci

    It’s fucking awesome just as the resf of the songs and the previous albums.Like Pink Floyd describes the deep positive feelings of human soul , Rammstein does the contrary.They remind us how cruel animal the human is…
    All Heil to Rammstein!