Rammstein Bück dich lyric with English translation

Bück dich befehl ich dir
wende dein Antlitz ab von mir
dein Gesicht ist mir egal
bück dich

Ein Zweibeiner auf allen Vieren
ich führe ihn spazieren
im Passgang den Flur entlang
ich bin enttäuscht

Jetzt kommt er rückwärts mir entgegen
Honig bleibt am Strumpfband kleben
ich bin enttäuscht total enttäuscht

Bück dich
das Gesicht interessiert mich nicht

Der Zweibeiner hat sich gebückt
in ein gutes Licht gerückt
zeig ich ihm was man machen kann
und ich fang zu weinen an

Der Zweifuß stammelt ein Gebet
aus Angst weil es mir schlechter geht
versucht sich tiefer noch zu bücken
Tränen laufen hoch den Rücken

Bück dich

Bück dich befehl ich dir
wende dein Antlitz ab von mir
dein Gesicht ist mir egal
bück dich nocheinmal

Bück dich
Bend down, I command you
turn your face away from me
your face means nothing to me
bend down

A human on all fours
I take him on a walk
ambling along the corridor
I am disappointed

Now he comes backwards towards me
Honey stays stuck on the garter
I am disappointed, totally disappointed

Bend down
your face doesn't interest me

The human has bent down
and moved into a good light
I show him what you can do
and I start to cry

The human stammers a prayer
out of fear because it goes worse for me
he tries to bend down even more
tears run up the back

Bend down

Bend down, I command you
turn your face away from me
your face means nothing to me
bend down once more

Bend down

This song is about sodomy and sexual dominance; possibly even rape. Performed live, Till leads Flake around the stage on a leash in full bondage gear, and then simulates sodomy with him using a liquor-squirting dildo, which Till then squirts on the crowd. Till and Flake were arrested for this performance after a concert in Worcester, Massachusetts. The literal translation of the title is Bend thyself.

  • Kayla Rebekkah Schafer

    I don’t think this song is promoting rape culture, its doing one of two things (or perhaps both, depending on your interpretation) 1) hard core S&M song. There are some men and women who like to be dominated and be put on leashes, etc. 2) Making people aware of rape culture since a lot of Rammstein songs aren’t about anarchy as they are commentary. (Amerika, Pussy, etc) The band is also very silly, so to simulate sodomy isn’t really surprising but adding to the fact that rape culture exists.

  • Andrew Cutler

    The translation here of “Zweibeiner” and “”Zweifuß” as “human” is wrong and skews the lyrical impact. “Biped” is way more accurate for Zweibeiner and “two-foot” is closer for Zweifuß.

  • Emily Stevens

    I enjoy that song and love the lyrics! Does that make me a sick person?!!!!!

  • disqus_ZR64yuKZda

    I think the song can be understood as a metaphor for religious domination. The singer refers to “the human”. It seems to indicate that the singer is not a human but either a monster or a god (is there a real difference?) who wants to force the human to prostrate himself before him.

  • everybody buck dich

    This song should be listened to by Sadist, and Masochist. I don’t think
    They are more encouraged to be it. Rather, it would be clear that the one whose desire they try to satisfy is distorted. Enjoying the minimal elements of the fantasy is the way of transgressing it.

  • Zweibeiner

    Amazing song, especially when plaeyd live. Just love the electro-game sound Flake plays in a part of the song. And the time Till and Flake were arrested was the best live performance ever, kkk, I laughed a lot. 10/10

  • dieMetzgermeisterin

    Excellent song. There were four songs my friend used to introduce me to Rammstein – Weißes Fleisch, Bück dich, Rein raus, and Ich tu dir weh. Bück dich was the first I memorized and is still amongst my favourites today. I love the raw feeling of the music, the sharply growled command to bend over…just awesome.

  • Mikkel

    Bück Dich…
    Seriously one of Rammstein’s best songs, just the hardcore riff, so perfect to headbang with, and ofc the lyrics, Tills scary way to sing in, just makes the song even better!, i’ve tryed a little bit to play it in my band(we need keyboard tabs, so if anyone know were i can find it please comment back!).
    Just becouse i would love to stand on the stage shouting BÜCK DICH!, and go crazy on my guitar 😀
    Rammstein Long Live!.

  • beth

    Bück dich means bend over and wende dein Antlitz ab von mir is turn your VISAGE away from me . serously please check the lyrics . a nd this song is not at all about rape or sodomy . i think that till would be very unhappy to hear that thats what you think

    • dawnatilla

      you would think so, but then you would be wrong. what part of fucking a man in the ass do you not get? Till unhappy? as he mocks sodomy or rides a huge cock spurting :semen”…miss, you may just be barking up the wrong tree. Spiel Mit Mir is about his brother jacking him off in bed….do you have a safe explanation for that as well?

  • Mike

    one of the lines is incorrect..
    It says: und ich fang zu weinen an. and the correct lyric is: und fang dabei zu wienen an

  • Charismatic Enigma

    @Tasha – Flake said that during his overnight stay in prison he was cellmate to a couple of “big black guys” and that he was terrified. I’m not sure Till had as much of a problem with it.

    @Jiveturkey – Nicely observed. I feel that most, if not all, of Rammstein’s songs can be interpreted several different ways. Just because a song was written with one meaning in mind, doesn’t mean that another person listening to it can’t find a different meaning.

  • Tasha

    Hahaha 😀
    The part about them being arrested made me laugh. But I don’t think they gave a shit about it.

  • NICE Linda!!
    That’s totally what I was thinking, ever since I saw the lyrics for these songs! XD XD

    Its like they’re reading my mind… O_O

  • Aubrei

    Hey who doesn’t like this song it makes meh laugh the thought of till raping another dude I mean hopefuly he wouldn’t but its funny because he could with ease!!!!

  • jiveturkey

    “This song is about sodomy and sexual dominance; possibly even rape.”

    Its about the grim reaper being disgusted by a human begging for his life like an animal. You got to give Till more credit; the sadistic lyrics are more than just about rape and sodomy.

    • dawnatilla

      oh is it now? did u hear any band member describe this or is it your own perception of the song? Till sings about sex, sodomy, rape, love, incest, vampirism, cannibalism, death….and if the lyrics are SADISTIC..well that translates into rape, sodomy, abuse, etc. so maybe its NOT more than what it appears.

    • Well Till calls it “the dildo song” also the big dick cannon so yeah it’s about sodomy

    • dawnatilla

      I mean..c’mon.

      i love it.

  • MBL

    lindamera, you think the same way as i do 😉

  • lindamera

    i fucking love rammstein!!
    and i find this song amaizinggg
    i love the way they sing about the violent and sick things,
    that other bands just wont sing!!!
    its like their singing what i think.
    fucking awsome
    and i think the whole dildo thing is cool haha

  • Bizzeeb

    Hmmm maybe it's time we start singing Feuer Frei to each other instead of The Star Spangled Banner….

    • Artemis

      sic…no foreplay or anything.

  • Bizzeeb

    Hey isn't this exactly what our wonderful government just did to us with the corporate bailouts? And we just keep bending over further…..

  • Schortmann

    lol wow they got arrested for that hehe Rhode Island is much more cool about that stuff lol

  • Brent

    lyrics are wrong!

  • emil

    Till and Flake were arrested in the great city of Worcester, Massachusetts for their dildo performance 😉 and I think that I found a real culprit: The Burnside Fountain.

  • Kimba

    i love this song even more now that i know what it really means.. Rammstein is really metal!

  • Zack

    Haha nice one dude

    • Bizzeeb

      Well ‘ich hasst engel’, she may not have known what it meant, but likely had this exact same concept in mind regarding you.

      Water seeks its own level-degradation/objectification is reciprocal.

      Keep that in mind for your next liason:)

  • Eiserne Jungfrau

    l.o.l =D

  • Sam

    It’s funny that Till says this is the “dildo” song. lol :p

    • ich hasst engel

      i played this song during sex once, it was funny because she didnt know what it meant. 😛

    • Indianbyheart

      Haha.. worth a try , my girlfriend does’nt know german either 😀