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Hi everybody! I am now looking for people who can translate this webpage to German language. I have already installed WordPress to german subdomain de.affenknecht.com and now I need native speakers who could help me with all the work. For example stunts, books and many more topics needs to be translated. If you are interested, you can browse the German subdomain (early beta version) at de.affenknecht.com and make comments to topics you want to translate. Write down the translation to the comment and I will make all the necessary works after that. If you mean it seriously, let me know and I can give you the editor access which will allow you to edit the pages directly. Thank you very much for your help in making this page better. German language is now priority Nr.1 as Rammstein is a German group.



  1. OK people, if you have the translation, just send it to me and I will update it as soon as possible, my email is admin(at)affenknecht.com

  2. I can translate the Rammstein Stage Shows Side completly, so tell me what to do with the german text and I will translate it for you 😉

  3. Hey,
    I can translate most of the sides from english into german! Answer this comment and tell me what to do, I hope I can help you 😉

  4. Rammstein Stage shows

    Rammstein use a vast amount of pyrotechnics during their concerts. the individual band members wear flame throwers ( lycopodium masks) on their heads or often use smoke and spark throwers during the performance.

    during the song ‘rammstein’,leadsinger Lindemann sets himself alight – protected by an asbestos coat.

    even unusual items such as microphones in the shape of a knife (during Mein teil), exploding drum kit and sticks or facemasks reminiscent of disfigurement are being used in some of the acts.

    the pyrotechnical interludes, mainly used by fully trained firework technician Lindemann, are largely responsible for the high recognition factor of the band. Lindemann explains this to be the ‘hardest david copperfield show’ ‘the rock lexikon’ wrote the following article

    “rammstein have always played with fire, ever since their formation in 1994, whether on stage where they copied the fiery gags of Arthur Brown to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers with typical german perfection or with their lyrics and expressions which have earned the musicians the reputation of ‘right wing radicals’

    for the shows the co-operation of the director and light technician Gert Hof, who frequently works out the stage and lighting concept, is incredibly important to the band. Richard Kruspe said in an interview about the stage production that he enjoys dressing up and disguising himself on stage and he includes all the other band members in that statement.

    when rammstein were relatively unknown they produced flames through the use of a mixture of gasses in the auditorium. Now it’s traditional for one of the band members to be passed over the heads of the audience, whilst sitting inside a rubber dhingy,at the end of the show.

    hope this helps. Kallie

  5. hi, do you want the german site translating into English or the English site translating into german? i can do either but am not quite sure what you want doing? let me know and i’ll see if i can help.

    • hi we need someone to translate a few paragraphs into german and french could you b e the one to help us please respond


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