Lindemann’s departure hoax


On July 16th 2007, posted an article about Till leaving Rammstein, and was to be replaced by former KMFDM frontman En Esch following the release of the next Rammstein album. But on, this article was posted:

“It has not been confirmed that Rammstein’s management actually sent out a press release. It seems all of this may have started on Blabbermouth and everyone is getting their information from them or other sources that also got their information from them. If this were a real press release (which strangely cannot be found on either or, you would expect at least one major German news source to have picked up on the news as well. But none have. This seems to be a hoax and in fact, Blabbermouth has now pulled the story.”

The popular indie magazine Side-Line Magazine had already published a story earlier telling that the complete singer switch was just a hoax.

On July 17, 2007, Rammstein’s Management, Pilgrim Management contacted The Gauntlet and stated that Till’s departure is indeed a hoax.

Following the many contacts that En Esch of Slick Idiot has received on this hoax, he has released a direct statement on the band’s official website ( on July 17, 2007 stating that he was neither aware of any new position in the band, nor Till leaving Rammstein. Slick Idiot’s Official Homepage

With all the new developments since the birth of the rumor on July 16th, the questionable departure of Till Lindemann can finally, and safely, be assumed as a hoax. As for the reasons behind it, that is uncertain at this point; however, the uproar it has created throughout Internet with many of the fan websites have proven the effect of this rumor. Even reputable sources throughout the Internet helped to spread this questionable source which sparked even more controversy as the story grew. The hoax’s effect seems to be widespread upon the emotions of many fans. Some reacted with immediate disbelief and utter shock and others took to desperation; nevertheless, most fans had no doubts in the fact that the rumor was false. As this is a developing story, neither Rammstein’s, nor Pilgrim Management’s official websites are updated with any official information on the hoax.

As of July 19, 2007, has released an official notice from Emanuel Fialik stating that Till is in fact still a part of Rammstein; therefore, completely nullifying the rumor entirely. The message is in German, but it is a summarized notice aimed to be an amelioration to the fans who needed a final assurance that everything was well with Till and his position in the band. The notice is translated to say that Emanuel Fialik, the executive manager of Rammstein, has announced that all rumors concerning Till leaving are completely false. He even goes on to say, jokingly, that En Esch was even more shocked by just the prospect of being in Till’s shoes.

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