Lindemann Fat lyrics

[Verse 1]

Your dirty sweat, my sweetest potion
Your armpits swampy, little oceans
Your flabby butthole, a soggy cave
I put in my parts and let them bathe

[Chorus 1]

Call me freaky, and call me sick
I like it sticky, I like it big
I hate it skinny, I hate it flat
I don’t need mini, I like it fat

[Verse 2]

People laughing about your size
We can fuck them on your french fries
When I break open your kingsize bra
Your giant boobs are just wunderbar

[Chorus 1]

[Bridge 1]

Every night I have this dream
I’m sliding down a slappy stream
straight in your mouth the smack is strong
I eat your lips your furry tongue

[Chorus 2]

You call me freaky, you call me sick (fat)
I like you sticky, I like it big (fat)
I hate you skinny, I hate it flat (fat)
I don’t need mini, I like it fat (fat)

So call it crazy or call it fate
Just with you I want to get laid
But your holes are hard… so hard to find
It doesn’t matter I fuck you from behind

Till Lindemann about the song meaning:

Q: Okay and what about track 3 “fat” what can you tell us about that?

Till: It’s about skinny husbands feeding their wives.

Q: You know i haven’t seen it but I’ve heard about it!

Till: check out on the internet then there is nothing more to see, so many pictures like feeders its such an insane fetish. It’s just. Watch it and you can think whatever you want. Everything follows its really, really strange.

Q: What exactly inspired you to write about that particular subject?

Till: It’s like this strangeness and fetish, how far can love go. This is all about love. These guys love their girls and they feed them, the treat them, the wash them, brushing them they do everything for the ladies and they just lying in the bed and get fatter and fatter and really, really weird. Source:

Till Lindeamnn about Fat:

„Did you ever saw these documentaries of these “feeders”? These tiny guys feeding a really fat lady? And having this fetish, and this inspired me because it’s so unreal and so weird but on the other hand it’s so awesome because the guy, he doesn’t care. He likes it, and I think that’s great. It’s a totally different kind of love, because it’s not about aesthetics, beauty and a good-shaped body. It’s just pure love.”