LIFAD deemed inappropriate for minors


Please be advised that Rammstein’s latest album, “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” has been ‘indexed’ as it is commonly referred to in Germany, meaning that the album cannot be sold to minors and cannot be stocked on store shelves.

The album will now only be made available for purchase behind the counter at shops that still carry the album. Word is that the tracks “Ich Tu Dir Weh” and “Pussy” along with some promotional imagery featuring guitarist Richard Kruspe spanking a female were cause for the Kreisjugendpfleger (district youth guardian) to act.

With the songs being indexed, the band will not be allowed to perform them live which could cause potential problems down the road as “Ich Tu Dir Weh” was reportedly scheduled to be the next single and a video has already been shot according to band members.

“Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” is the first Rammstein album to be indexed. In 2007, religious groups, child welfare authorities and other ‘do-gooders’ petitioned the Kreisjugendpfleger to hold a hearing on indexing Rammstein’s entire back catalog. The review board dropped the petition allowing the albums to continue to be sold.