Justin Timberlake to release new single with Rammstein


JustinNew single was announced. To incerase the revenues in United states, Pilgrim Management decided to cooperate with pop-star Justin Timberlake. Rammstein singer Till Lindeman should sing vocals in German and Justin some parts in English. It is supposed to be the most successful single of german metal group. The name of this single is Like I Hate You and it should be available in late 2007.

  • Boo

    I almost had a heart attack!

  • rockerchicka

    oh my god. jt and rammstein?? well.. uhm whats wrong with experimenting? it would be pushing it 4 me though.. got a bit worried..

  • Miriam

    If this is true, I’m gonna write a very long letter to Rammstein and explain to them, why this would ruin their music career xD
    Srsly??!! Justin Timberlake! Urgh, gross xD

    If somebody were to merge Rammstein and “JT”, the musical world would probably end.

  • craig

    ewwwwww no. Im glad its not true.


    Can you imagine how disturbing that would be if it actually happened? *shudders*
    *die justine!!!* lol, 😀

  • Juve_2-CHEE

    :-?? this shouldn't be happening…Justine and RAMMS+EIN … please … let's hope 4 the best … 😐

  • ippofankjb

    haha funny joke…actually…i believed it somehow…but hoped it wasnt true, he smells! tehe LOL

  • chiken_chaser

    LOL people would have belived this because Justin did dissapear for a while.
    and people wold think.
    omg this is the way hes gona come back!

    ROFL nice joke tho

  • Thuriel

    You made a fool of my friend, damn she got scared HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • mr_flooo

    This is 4 sure a HUGE JOKE! Unconcievable combo, heh, Till & the-popo-Woodenlake-or-whatever….

  • Kenny

    I hope this is a joke.

  • Kenny

    This is not a good thing. I hate Justin Timberlake and his music. "What goes around comes around" Who cares!?

  • mr_flooo

    …THAT'S WHY BRITNEY SPEARS has recently changed her haircut!!!


  • mr_flooo


  • dragonsfancy

    Man, I love April Fool’s day! Good one!

  • Luke

    Nice April Fool's joke, guys!