ITDW video tomorrow


No more kidding, the video will be available tomorrow, On December 21st, 2009 at 1pm CET (7am EST)

The address you should check is visit-x/rammstein. I remember last time, when Pussy was to be released, we were able to see the video about 30 minutes before the clock expired.

  • Brandon

    yup finally saw it when i woke up, awesome video the end there all playing it so hard they blow up hahahah good times

  • Mihnea

    I don’t know if it was said here before, but now I saw where is the light-in-mouth coming from. You can see in the vid that there is a wire entering his cheek.

  • Philmeister

    Great video for ppl who haven’t seen them live it gives a great idea how the stage will look. And for ppl who have allready seen them it just makes you want to see them again 🙂
    Great video it’s 100% Rammstein. Still hope next video will be Roter Sand.

  • Nathen

    just seen the Video, absolutely fantastic well worth the wait!!

  • f***ing awesome vid,much better than pussy!!!
    Kudos to Akerlund!

  • Nathen

    same as me waited hours for it, refresh and no vid then says download available soon, nooooooo! more waiting

  • Dave

    Waited all week for this only to wait hours today and as Brandon said, refreshed the page only for it to say that i have to wait a few more hours. Now that that has stopped, there’s no video and they say it’s “available soon”. This is bullshit….

  • Ide mit kell írni Icuka?

    The video is uhhh… pure Rammstein. Really 😀

  • E-SE

    15:00 CET – Hm

    Its great!
    I like it!!!!

  • Wildrocker92

    Waiting for it.. I saw the previews and was awesome!

  • Nathen

    13 mins to go says now bn waitin a long time

  • Brandon

    omg can’t believe it after waiting 4 hours i refresh the page and it tells me another 3 hours, what the fuck, so pissed

  • b0bbe

    I really hope we get something dark and freaky. After all, the lyrics to the song are somewhat f***** up! 🙂

  • michelle

    @ Jess: Same! I’m going to check try and see if I can watch it while doing my make up in the morning. Nothing would be a greater way to start the week with a new video.

  • Sam

    I think its because of the whole censored thing in Germany, this could be the only place that they could show it

  • Philmeister

    Hm a bit strange this video will also be featured on visit-x. Are we getting another mature video?

  • Jess

    Ahh I see. Yeah I keep forgetting about the Time Difference. I really hope that they show it 30 minutes early, that way I can see it right before I leave for school on Monday morning.

  • Rich-Rules

    Oh yessss!!!! christmas has come early 😀

  • External

    When I wrote it here in CET timezone, it was already Sunday.

  • Till

    Can’t wait to see the video! It’s going to be smashing!!

  • Jess

    Uh unless I’m mistaken… Tomorrow isn’t the 21st but the 20th.