Interview with Rammstein-Drummer Christoph Schneider


A new interview is available at following address:

Unfortunately the whole discussion is in German. If you understand, write in comments what they talk about 🙂

  • Marr_Alrun

    Looks like at the end of the interview she asked about their plans about new studio album and he said that they had many new texts and new ideas and but would make their Best-of first, but before that they would play the big tour in different countries with Hits from Rammstein.

  • Ruski Esplin


    He is basically saying that after they release the Best-Of album, they will go on a big tour to all countries.

  • Rammstein7

    and that means…?

  • They do talk about the best of album in that interview, near the end. Scheiders words are the following:

    “Zu der Best-of werden wir auch eine große Tour spielen und nochmal durch alle Länder… sozusagen… ja…
    mit den Hits von Rammstein spielen.”

  • Drama

    I’d like to hear something from the best of album too, since it was supposed to be released this month…

  • SBASWilliam

    nothing about the best of album? 🙁

  • rammsteinmifflin

    They are at first talking about his promotional work with his drums and if they are his signature. Mostly just talking about the sound. Also they speak of other types of music. Next, they are talking about the American tour coming up in May and how he looks forward to it. Then, they speak of what he does in his free time which is he hangs with his family. He talks about driving around in his free time and talking to friends. Near the end, they discuss their latest album ” LIFAD” and the sound, lyics, and emotion put into it. They end it by saying thank you. Hope this helped people 🙂