Ich tu dir weh video released


As you may already know, the very new video has been released today. We brought you some links of interest:

Watch the video here, see your video page here, videography updated, discuss on forums or just read the translated lyric.

The single will be available in January.

  • Aaron

    Also, it’s weird because in the interview he says that he basically had his cheek gauged and put a wire through there, so that the white light could come be projected, BUT, in the ”Du bist das schiff” part, he doesn’t have the line through his gauge, and the light is Still there.. hmmm

  • Aaron

    His piercings don’t look bad in my opinion just makes him look tougher.. I’m nooot very sure if that IS in fact a forked tongue, but if it is wow… balls.. btw HAHA at Rich-Rules and shush to Stella.. These videos are great.

  • koda

    the lighting in the mouth is from LCD lights and he got a piercing for that video its not computer generated…its 100% real and his tongue is forked.

  • Josh

    I saw these guys live last year, so I can say that the light isn’t computer generated as he first came on stage with it in his mouth. The stage show was amazing for these guys, especially during Engel where Till had the huge angel wings. (:

  • Kayla

    Does anyone know if the light coming out of Till’s mouth is all computer generated

  • Udeeksh

    The single not doing too good on the single charts, eh?

  • guy

    where can I get a mouth lamp? 🙂

  • Udeeksh

    Eventually, when the LIFAD tour DVD is out, we’ll find that the live video of ITDW is way better than the video which is disappointing on so many levels.
    I think the reason why R+ didn’t make a story based video was because of the political drama over the violent lyrics…Had the song not been on The Index, we may have seen a different video all together.

  • Hyde

    And also, I have a friend that had his tongue split, and he has not been able to speak properly for several days after the measure, and ergo that means Till wouldn’t have his tongue split.

    But you might be true that singing with a fake tongue wouldn’t be much better, so I intend it must a computer work..

  • Jakki

    Till looks amazing in this video -sigh-
    are you sure his tounge isn’t split?
    i was pretty sure you cant sing with a fake tounge

  • Miriam

    The video is just like the koncert i Forum Copenhagen, except that Flake wasn’t at the koncert, and that Till’s tongue isn’t split…
    The light was there, and even Richard is wearing the same outfit

    And that’s why I’m a bit dissappointed…I had hoped for some SM or “Till hits Flake” action xD

  • kaytee

    Till is even beautiful with white eyes and a glowing mouth! ahh richards hair is cute too : D

    (is that what the set looks like for this tour? im not seeing them until February?)

  • Yoosto

    @Hyde lol man, he definitely didn’t split his tonuge. He has probably got a attachement on his tounge.

  • Hyde

    That trick with light in the “Du bist das Shiff” part’s pretty simple – there’s always light shining from one side only, from the other is shadow hiding the cable.. And of course there might be some improvements made in PC..

    BTW have you noticed Till’s tongue? It’s split! That must be a PC trick too, I don’t believe he would really split his tongue..

  • Tom

    Its not great.. i agree with Stella.

  • ejnarm3

    The video is great but i hope they will make genius videos like Ich Will and so on… dont stuck in the live show videos its boring 😉

  • Rich-Rules

    how can anyone say this is a bad video lol!!! its lushush! a more ‘cinema’ style with a story, video will properly be made for the next single! …and Tills piercings do not look silly… let a man have a mid-life crisis if he wants !!!! lol

  • Stella

    I’m disappointed. They’ve made great vids like Sonne and Rosenrot and DRSG and then they come out with this. I understand they wanted some sort of tribute/message about their live shows, but it’s just not the same.
    And Till’s piercings looks ridiculous.

  • RammsteinAustralia

    The new vid is awsome i love it!

  • Yoosto

    Yeah, but maybe it’s a magnetic type or smtg….

  • jen

    nice vid but ew at the fact it looks like the cable for the mouth light has been passed through the skin of his cheeck