Haifisch to be released on Friday, April 23rd 2010


WE have finally received a valid information about the release date of the upcoming video: “Haifisch” (“Shark”) is the third single from the RAMMSTEIN album “Liebe ist für Alle da”. We learn from it that the shark not only has teeth – he’s got tears as well. But since it lives in the briny deep, no one sees them. A shame. After all, this cartilaginous fish is one of the oldest of the world’s many misunderstood creatures. A bit more sympathy couldn’t hurt! For the video to “Haifisch”, RAMMSTEIN worked once again with Joern Heitmann. We celebrate the outcome on Friday, April 23rd when the video premieres at www.myspace.com/rammstein. The single will appear mid of May – the exact date will be announced here shortly!

Source: Rammstein.com

UPDATE: Your help needed! I created a new Haifisch page with all the infos, however I need you to submit the the photo comments. Please provide as broadest explanation as possible, the best, most exact and funniest will be chosen and added bellow each picture as a description. Thank you for your help!



  1. This is written on the post card:
    “Viele Grüße vom Arsch der Welt”
    “Greetings from the butt of the world”

  2. I crack up with laughter …every time i see the bit where paul runs at richard to beat him up !!! lol lol !!!

    what anawesome video…and yes i will see this as –
    Rammstein is NOTHING without Till ..(or any other member for that fact) !

  3. *Idd at ICEKALTCOLD*
    Emotinal, well performed, funny and sad at the same time.
    This gives so much meaning to the song and i couldnt find any better musicvid for this song. Brilliant, genius! Yea Hetfields head dosnt quite suite till…
    Love the ending nice mustache 😀
    That was a fkin great video i am fkin suprised!
    Rammstein 4 life :D!!!
    This made my day seriously!

  4. My vision on the video:

    Till died and it’s his funeral. The band members seem to be blaming eachother even though they all tried to kill Till.

    Good example: Flake looks and smiles at Paul, and we see the flashback to Sonne. Flake blames Paul for thinking he took revenge. But then he realizes he made Till to what he is in Keine Lust.

    The fight got me emotional. They all blame eachother.

    In the end, Till is on a beautiful beach, making them think he’s dead while he enjoys the sun, the sea, the women and the booze.

  5. The video is absolutely brilliant!!! One of the best music videos ever with a great background story. I am watching it all day and I have to admitt that one time it almost made me cry. I’ts so emotional and well performed , never expected less from Rammstein!!! 😀

  6. Please don’t say nonsense. Till is going nowhere and the guys actually make some fun with it by putting James Hetfield’s picture on the R+ pic, as if they are finally finding their ideal replacement had they “succeded” on killing Till.

    But the fight scene towards the end, makes me think a bit. as I’m simultaneoursly listening to the song and paying attention to the lyrics, I had this feeling that all the bandmembers where trying to blame eachother for Till’s death as an act of remorse, and that in the end, Till’s death hurt them more instead of relieving them (since they all sabotaged Till to get rid of him), and maybe (just maybe) bringing to life the Haifisch metaphor “it has teeth, but it also has tears on its face”, they were really unmerciful with him, but then they felt broken.

    I have to say, that scene got me a little bit emotional, and therefore, the plan of giving an image to the song, has succeded.

    And the end of the vid. LOL, Long live Lindemann!

  7. Great video,
    hopefully they will make more of this stuff.
    And Till didn’t in this video, he had vacation on a tropical island.

  8. the video is just great. but i have two questions,
    -what is written on the postcards in the end,
    -and for what reason is schneider wearing that hat during the funeral?

  9. They forgot the video where Till died in Rosenrot, or they just didn’t feel like including it. Anyways, the way Flake killed him was the best!


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