Haifisch to be released on Friday, April 23rd 2010


WE have finally received a valid information about the release date of the upcoming video: “Haifisch” (“Shark”) is the third single from the RAMMSTEIN album “Liebe ist für Alle da”. We learn from it that the shark not only has teeth – he’s got tears as well. But since it lives in the briny deep, no one sees them. A shame. After all, this cartilaginous fish is one of the oldest of the world’s many misunderstood creatures. A bit more sympathy couldn’t hurt! For the video to “Haifisch”, RAMMSTEIN worked once again with Joern Heitmann. We celebrate the outcome on Friday, April 23rd when the video premieres at www.myspace.com/rammstein. The single will appear mid of May – the exact date will be announced here shortly!

Source: Rammstein.com

UPDATE: Your help needed! I created a new Haifisch page with all the infos, however I need you to submit the the photo comments. Please provide as broadest explanation as possible, the best, most exact and funniest will be chosen and added bellow each picture as a description. Thank you for your help!