Haifisch – no date confirmed


We had an information that the single should have been released two days ago, but nothing is happening so far. Even no official cover yet…so please enjoy some “shark” pictures and hope that the single will have even better cover art!

Source of pics: www.sharkproject.com

  • Der Meister

    @ Amazon.de the releasedate for Haifisch is set to 30 April, but it’s not confirmed by the band or management

  • Durden

    They are nothing to do with Haifisch, just some Haifisch inspired art FFS!

  • delimelodi

    I dont like the photos.I hope the music video wont be like this.

  • Ide mit kell írni Icuka?

    I find it unlikely that we are actually going to see any sharks in the video. Just the way the Rosenrot clip told us a story totally different from the lyrics – even though it managed to match the theme completely.

  • AwesomeLaw_some

    these photos are the cheapest photoshop jobs, and just really weird too :\ i am disappointed so far.

  • Nita

    These pictures are scary to me… Very very scary.

  • no.1-ramm-fan

    i hope rammstein release 5 singles 4rm LIFAD, just like they did with MUTTER!!!

  • Durden

    I like them

  • tonik30

    these photos are terrible…

  • jonquil

    i think i might know the person in the first photo…