Guitar Hero 6 set list possibly leaked, Rammstein is there!

Guitar Hero 6 leak - Screen picture

Are you playing this series of games?

Apparently The Official Playstation Magazine UK has printed a partial set list for the upcoming Guitar Hero title. Considering this is the internet, this was promptly scanned and placed online. With bands such as Children of Bodum, AFI, Black Sabbath, My Chemical Romance, Slayer, Ozzie, and The Cure metal, goth and emo music are pretty well covered. Thankfully, bands such as ZZ Top, Muse, Silversun Pickups and Queen round thing out in this initial list.

And the most important thing for all Rammstein fans: WAIDMANNS HEIL is included!


  • Gor

    Shitty game…I can play many song in real but in GH they’re too hard for me xD

  • Ronip

    Waidmanns Heil is an awesome song, but they should go for a more ‘clasic’ Rammstein song I think. Also, GH or Rockband really need to release a Rammstein track pack, there is not alot worth buying for the games right now, and lets face it Rammstein have enough songs and history to have their own GH or Rockband game, they new keyboard feature on Rockband 3 would work well with all the synth stuff.

  • Andrew

    Wait, Paranoid was already in Guitar Hero 3!

  • Mark

    I hope so, but in the mean time, they did do ROCK AM RING 2010 which I downloaded a copy of. Have a look for it or drop me an email. [email protected]

  • greek

    Till i hear something but it is not official about one concert in America …….it isnt official!!!!!We must wait because
    Paul Landers promised for new DVD

  • Ed

    I really hope so. Volkerball was fantastic^^

    I want LIFAD tour on DVD!! ;D

  • Till

    Hey, does anyone know, is there going to be a DVD of LIFAD tour ,something like “Volkerball”?

  • Ramm09

    [email protected] Du hast is already in guitar hero 5

  • RammsteinMike65

    Including Rammstein in a guitar hero game is the msartest move theyve made. With that they’ve just widened theyre fan base as well as made a great song on there. Waidmanns Heil is good, but they should have used something like Du Hast or Laichzeit, with some crazy guitar work!

  • You.

    But… Ohne Dich is a much better song! 😛

  • Nathen-Till

    a guitar hero RAMMSTEIN would be great, i was just thinkin now what songs would go on guitar hero but then again why not bring out GH R+, you could have from a song like fruhling in paris to a song like mein teil so many good songs to choose from!

  • cole

    I agree with EJNARM3

  • Gothmog

    Btw, it´s Children of Bodom 😉

  • ejnarm3

    They should make a rammstein guitar hero like the metallica one :D!!
    would be so cooooool!

  • Cheeto

    I wish they made a GH or ROckband version of Rammstein, instead of Greenday =\

  • Cassay

    Is Rammstein only on Guitar hero? or is there some of their songs on Rockband?

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    ….buckstabuuuuu would be a better choice of song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Guitar Hero just needs to stop. its became this “Greedy” game series if you will. Like Halo. Halo anime? really? I think the worlds put up with Halo long enough. then the same people that made GH released Rock Band, which was new, different, and cool. then they decided to make Band Hero. thats when I new for a fact that they are just lame. along with GH for the DS and cell phone.

  • statik

    its true i got a game magazine and so far waidmanns heil is in it !! confirmed !!

  • MurderCapital

    Guitar Hero is so lame. Play the real thing instead.

  • Vier

    it has been cropped, here my original.

    Rammstein is near the bottom 😉

  • Anonymous

    Umm.. I don’t even see Rammstein on the list.. I sense a troll..?

  • cole

    I put alot of Rammstein songs on the suggestment page at the guitar hero website!! Including a few Godsmack.

  • External

    Hey, where did you get all the info from?

  • Vier

    Amazing! I am the one who took that picture 😀

    Posted it around on Twitter and it has ended up here. Nice!