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Thread: Made in Germany Super Deluxe Edition DVDs

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    Default Made in Germany Super Deluxe Edition DVDs

    I've been wondering about the audio specifications on the Made in Germany Super Deluxe Edition DVDs.

    Will they be in DTS and (or) in Dolby Digital 5.1 or just stereo?

    and will the videos be the uncensored versions like that of Pussy?

    Seeing that their music videos will be released on 3 DVDs and not on 1 or 2 DVDs, it looks like every effort was done to present them in the best quality possible on DVD. (The Volkerball DVD set was of great quality so most probably this Set won't dissapoint. [my opinion])

    More to this I feel that they could have included more to this set, like some parts of some of their great concerts (memorable) from 1995 - 2010 on DVD, and their b-sides on an extra CD (like Halleluljah) and some songs which haven't been released on albums except on singles (like Stripped & Das Modell).

    Everything in a nutshell this edition has everything that one who wants all the Rammstein music videos and their best songs, but for those who really wanted this to be like the ultimate best of collection and rarities collection (like me) wouldn't be 100% satisfied.

    Thanks to all!!

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    The Pussy video is the censored one.

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