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Stahlmann, Eisbrecher and Megaherz

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  • Eisbrecher will be live at this link: in 40 min.


    • That was a great show in spite of the torrential rain

      And remember Eisbrecher also have their DVD out on 25th September


      • ^I was sitting with my laptop and headphones for a better sound, and I waited for Die Bombe and Tanz mit mir, but since they only had one hour the had to cut some songs. I'm equally excited about the dvd's ;-)


        • The video of 1000 Naben from the concert Saturday is now online via WDR:


          • Originally posted by Zenika

            Yayy, Volle Kraft Voraus from the upcoming DVD! I can see myself.
            You'll have to take a screen-shot and explain which one is you.

            I'm really looking forward to the DVD, just a shame it'll be arriving with the R+


            • ^Spotted Now I'll be looking for you throughout the video


              • Man, Zenika, awesome that you're actually in it!

                Seems like an ace performance of the band btw! I just might buy the DVD after all.
                Dort wo der Horizont
                Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
                Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
                Auf das du mich dort findest


                • Originally posted by Zenika
                  If you stop around 0:34, I'm the only blond there. I'm easy to see!
                  Very easy.....


                  • New Eisbrecher in 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Album and tour!!!!
                    (from Eisbrecher official Facebook)

                    EISBRECHER kündigen neues Album & Tournee für 2017 an!

                    Ein Sturm zieht auf!
                    EISBRECHER werden im Herbst 2017 auf große „Sturmfahrt“ gehen.
                    Bereits im Sommer 2017 wird ein neues Studioalbum erscheinen – der Nachfolger zum bislang erfolgreichsten Werk „Schock“.
                    Der Vorverkauf zur „Sturmfahrt“ beginnt in Kürze. Es wird zunächst ein Kontingent an Early Bird-Tickets geben – nähere Informationen dazu werden in den kommenden Tagen bekannt gegeben.
                    So viel steht allerdings bereits fest: 2017 wird sehr, sehr kalt – es warten noch viele Überraschungen auf die EIS(BRECHER)-Welt!

                    EISBRECHER announce new album + tour for 2017!

                    A storm is coming!
                    EISBRECHER will be prepared to ride it with their upcoming „Sturmfahrt“ tour in autumn 2017.
                    In summer 2017 they are already to release their next studio album – the follow-up to their most successful work to date, „Schock“.
                    Pre-selling for the great „Sturmfahrt“-tour begins shortly. First there will be a contingent of early bird tickets available – additional info about them shall be announced in a few days.
                    What we already know for sure: 2017 is gonna become very, very cold – with lots of surprises waiting for the EIS(BRECHER)-world!


                    ( Die News dürft Ihr gerne an all Eure Freunde teilen! Danke! )


                    • Eisbrecher has a new single out, as forerunner to the upcoming CD:


                      • I've listened the new Eisbrecher album "Sturmfährt" through maybe 10 times now, and I'd say it could be my favourite album from Eisbrecher. I first listened it in Spotify and then bought the CD right away.

                        There are couple mediocre songs, but overall I like it very much. Maybe it's that it's not that dark or grim, but quite vibrant, catchy and disco-like, even the heavier songs. My favourite song at the moment is "Eisbär", it's so calm and stress reliefing song and makes you happy. "Was is hier loss" and "Sturmfährt" also are very good songs from the heavier side of the album.

                        On the contrary, the music video of "Was is hier loss" makes me sick to watch (which probably is the point of the video). Hopeully the next video will have better mood.

                        As for the other bands in the topic, there's not much interesting in Stahlmann or Megaherz at the moment. Stahlmann single "Bastard" is decent (but with the most boring music video ever), but aside from that it's quite mediocre what they have done.


                        • Sturmfahrt has been nominated for this years ECHO-award in the Band Rock National category. Let's keep our fingers crossed for (mine at least) second favourite German band