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  • Eisbrecher will be live at this link: in 40 min.


    • That was a great show in spite of the torrential rain

      And remember Eisbrecher also have their DVD out on 25th September


      • ^I was sitting with my laptop and headphones for a better sound, and I waited for Die Bombe and Tanz mit mir, but since they only had one hour the had to cut some songs. I'm equally excited about the dvd's ;-)


        • The video of 1000 Naben from the concert Saturday is now online via WDR:


          • Originally posted by Zenika

            Yayy, Volle Kraft Voraus from the upcoming DVD! I can see myself.
            You'll have to take a screen-shot and explain which one is you.

            I'm really looking forward to the DVD, just a shame it'll be arriving with the R+


            • ^Spotted Now I'll be looking for you throughout the video


              • Man, Zenika, awesome that you're actually in it!

                Seems like an ace performance of the band btw! I just might buy the DVD after all.
                Dort wo der Horizont
                Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
                Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
                Auf das du mich dort findest


                • Originally posted by Zenika
                  If you stop around 0:34, I'm the only blond there. I'm easy to see!
                  Very easy.....


                  • New Eisbrecher in 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Album and tour!!!!
                    (from Eisbrecher official Facebook)

                    EISBRECHER kündigen neues Album & Tournee für 2017 an!

                    Ein Sturm zieht auf!
                    EISBRECHER werden im Herbst 2017 auf große „Sturmfahrt“ gehen.
                    Bereits im Sommer 2017 wird ein neues Studioalbum erscheinen – der Nachfolger zum bislang erfolgreichsten Werk „Schock“.
                    Der Vorverkauf zur „Sturmfahrt“ beginnt in Kürze. Es wird zunächst ein Kontingent an Early Bird-Tickets geben – nähere Informationen dazu werden in den kommenden Tagen bekannt gegeben.
                    So viel steht allerdings bereits fest: 2017 wird sehr, sehr kalt – es warten noch viele Überraschungen auf die EIS(BRECHER)-Welt!

                    EISBRECHER announce new album + tour for 2017!

                    A storm is coming!
                    EISBRECHER will be prepared to ride it with their upcoming „Sturmfahrt“ tour in autumn 2017.
                    In summer 2017 they are already to release their next studio album – the follow-up to their most successful work to date, „Schock“.
                    Pre-selling for the great „Sturmfahrt“-tour begins shortly. First there will be a contingent of early bird tickets available – additional info about them shall be announced in a few days.
                    What we already know for sure: 2017 is gonna become very, very cold – with lots of surprises waiting for the EIS(BRECHER)-world!


                    ( Die News dürft Ihr gerne an all Eure Freunde teilen! Danke! )


                    • Eisbrecher has a new single out, as forerunner to the upcoming CD: