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  • Ruoska - Finnish Rammstein

    Heh, I'm a bit drunk so I got this stupid idea to make a thread about this finnish band called Ruoska.

    Ruoska ("a whip" in english) is a finnish industrial metal band formed in 2002. They have made 5 studio albums. Ruoska is very often compared to Rammstein in good and bad. Some say that at their best Ruoska sounds very much like Rammstein but still keeps it's uniqueness, some thay that Ruoska is a straight, insolent copy of Rammstein. The band members themselves openly admit to be huge fans of Rammstein, and say that Rammstein has influenced their music very much. I recently listened more of Ruoska (I knew a couple of songs before) and I have to say that I like them, and the reason is that they do have a slight Rammstein-touch in their music without being an insolent copy of Rammstein.

    Now I'd like to know what you think of Ruoska. They sing in finnish, so you probably won't understand the lyrics, but there is a website that has all the lyrics translated into english, if you get interested. Here is few songs I find very good and Rammstein-influenced by Ruoska:

    Ruoska - Kosketa (Touch): This is one of my favourite, I like the music very much, though the singer (Patrik Mennander) is not at his best in this one.

    Ruoska - Irti (Loose): This one is also one of my favourites. In this one I think Patrik has same kind of energy and charisma in his singing that Till has (of course not AS much as Till has)

    Ruoska - Narua (String): A good Rammstein feeling in this one too.

    Ruoska - Tuonen Viemää (I don't know how to translate, perhaps "Taken by death"). This is a mucic video where you can see the band members. I don't like this video much myself, but the song I do like.

    Ruoska - Alasin (Anvil): This is a music video too. In this one you can see the influence of Rammstein with the outfits and the pyrotechnics.

    Ruoska - Alasin live: This is a live performace of Alasin. It's a small band and a small coutry so the performace naturally does not have big budgets but it's just for them who want to see a live performace of the band. They too have small pyrotechins similar to Rammstein in their performance, though not in this one.

    Well, I think that's enough for now. What do you think of the band?

    EDIT: There even seems to be a Rammstein vs. Ruoska video in Youtube:
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    As I'm from Finland too, I have not could avoid them But to the point, I listened a lot of their first album, but as more I listened to it, it didn't sound so good to me anymore. I've heard some of their latest songs too... I don't say I don't like their music, but nothing special for me...don't know if it's the Finnish language or what...never been a big fan of songs that are sang in Finnish.
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      I've just watched 'Alasin' and it's VERY Rammsteinesque, though that in itself isn't a bad thing really. I mean, how many bands sound like Iron Maiden, Metalica etc?
      To anyone who, like myself, was ever or is currently in a band, you know we all had/have influences and it came/comes through in our song writing. The temptation to even partially emulate a band/artist we worshiped is hard to resist.
      Rouska sound pretty good to me. The only thing I would question is how very very VERY close that logo on the drum kit is to the R+ logo.


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        I forgot to mention in the first post that Till Lindemann himself has actually given positive comments about Ruoska. In 2004, Till gave an interview to a finnish music magazine and they played some finnish music to Till during the interview. He wasn't so much into the other artists, but Ruoska's song Darmstadt ( made some kind of impression on him. I haven't read the article myself, so I don't exactly know what he said, but after that interview Ruoska's popularity got a significant boost in Finland.

        I am from Finland too and I agree with RZK about the finnish language. I don't generally like rock or metal if the band sings in finnish. I had difficulties with Ruoska too, but the more I listened, the more I got used to it. And Tuonen Viemää is a very nice song to sing in karaoke every weekend


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          Now the database error is fixed, so I move the thread to Other Bands section.


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            After a break I've listened more to Ruoska, this time some other albums besides Radium (from which most of the songs in the first post are from). I've listened two of the latest albums, Amortem (2006) and Rabies (2008). For me Amortem was a disappointment. It has a couple of decent songs, but overall I didn't like it. The singer Patrik Mennander sounds somehow very tired and frustrated, I get the feeling they felt forced to make a new album even if they did not feel like it.

            Luckily the latest album Rabies did not disappoint. I can't say for sure yet, but it could be even better than Radium. I haven't listened Radium for a long time. Here are some of my favourite songs from Rabies:

            Ruoska - Saarnaaja (Preacher)

            The first song of the album and definitely one of the best. I just love the start of the song. For me this one sounds as good as any song by Rammstein, I could imagine Till singing in this one. Though Patrik has got back his energy and anger so he sounds very good in this one. This reminds me of good old darker and creepier Rammstein. Though I don't like the chorus that much.

            Ruoska - Valtaa, Väkivaltaa (Power, Violence)

            Another very good Rammstein-ish song. This time the energy is focused on the chorus, the verses are a bit calmer but they have the same good creepiness again. My second favourite song from the album.

            Ruoska - Ei Koskaan (Never)

            Just an example of a song with slower pace. I think Patrik is not at his best when singing slowly like this, but this song still was suprisingly good. This seems to be a music video, haven't watched it myself.

            Ruoska - Pirunkieli (Devils Tongue)

            As an opposite to Ei Koskaan, a very heavy and fast-paced song this time. Not my favourites, but the singing in this one is very much different from the majority of Ruoska's songs.

            There are some examples, there are only one or two weaker songs in this album. From Amortem, the songs Amortem (, Pure Minua (Bite me, and Mies Yli Laidan (Man aboard are some of the best songs.

            There are still the two of the earliest albums to be listened, from years 2002 and 2003. Will get familiar with them someday.

            Hopefully someone likes some of the songs so this thear is at least a bit useful to someone

            For curiosity, for foreing listeners: how do you feel about the finnish language and not understanding the words? Has it same kind of "exoticness" as Rammstein or some other foreing band. For me it feels funny to listen Ruoska because I understand the words completely, somehow it makes the band feel not so great even though Ruoska's lyrics are generally ok.