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    Maybe I could commence this new thread..? If it is ok.

    So introduce yourself here, if you want

    Hello all. I am 15 (soon 16) yr old girl from Finland. I have been R+ fan since last summer (about one year). I was "muukalainen" in old forum. My english skill is not so great, so sorry if I make grammar mistakes, when I post in this forum. And well, I guess I dont have nothing special to say about myself.

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    Hi, all...been a Rammstein fan for a while now. A friend introduced them to me, and I've been a true, dedicated fan ever since. I spend a lot of free time studying the band. It's my addiction! Planning on going to Wacken Festival 2012 - and seeing Rammstein as many times as possible. Might be the end of the world, I'm going out in true metal fashion!

    And, A.L., thanks for the new thread...Your English skill is sure good enough!


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      Hi A.L and vbarrett, nice to meet you. I'm 15 and i'm from the UK and my name's right there in my username lol. I've only recently become a Rammstein fan after my friend told me about but they're now one of my favourite bands. Thanks for starting the new thread and I agree with vbarrett that your english is good


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        Well, I already wrote some replies, but didn't introduce myself yet.
        As you may know, I'm Drama. I'll be 18 this November so the concert in my hometown was timed perfectly!
        I've been a fan since 2005, when I made a short film with my friend and he used Du Hast as a soundtrack. I was later introduced to other songs, like Benzin and Rosenrot, then I got the whole Rosenrot album and checked out the bonus DVD (which contained Reise Reise, Mein Teil and Sonne from the later released Völkerball). That threesome literally blew my mind and are my favourite ever since.
        My first concert experience was only last year, but (of course) I'll be attending this year too.

        So this is my little story and I hope to be an active and helpful part of this forum!
        Life is drama... Drama is art.


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          Welcome everybody. You were free to open your own threads to present yourselfs in this section; you didn't need to post a reply in a single one.
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            Is Cassandra here? I need to talk some Oomph!