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    Greetings, I am a Rammstein fan from an industrial mining town in Czechia. Though I am a fan of eclectic diverse music types from Borodin to Apocalyprica, Rammstein have always been the artists that resonate with me in a special way - they just have this very singular atmosphere that balances bleakness and levity without veering excessively into either direction, and I utterly applaud their stance on censorship and freedom of expression. They explore human nature in a realistic and profound way; I really like Doom and Till's characterisation of Rammstein as "Selbsthilfegruppe"; "our concerts and music is of help for the soul".

    Paul Morley once wrote about an artist ""he would never have one sound, but you would always know it was him before you even heard him sing" - although he write this about Bowie, I think this could well apply to R+ too; they have a huge array of styles that would make it reductive to pigeonhole them into one genre. Can Industrial Metal, Tanz Metal and Neue Deutsche Härte really adequately communicate a repertoire that features Du Hast, Zerstören but also Frühling in Paris and Spieluhr? I think there is also a connection that both artists have expressed they avoid explaining lyrics, preferring to leave it to fans' imagination: "You start to explain things and people get disappointed. Let them listen to the song and they will have so many different ways of thinking about it. Taking about it destroys the whole dream of a song, in a good and a bad way. You wouldn't believe how people have interpreted our album (Zoo#49,2015,p.70; also see Jam Inteview 1997); "Frankly, I mean, sometimes the interpretations I've seen on some of the songs that I've written are a lot more interesting than the input that I put in... I don't want to take the mystery away" (60 Minutes 2002, 'Bowie And Me') . I also love that they put 100% heart and effort into all their work; some bands' B-sides or non-single songs feel like they are just there to "pad" the album and you can tell it's sort of just going through the motions, but not Rammstein, all songs are equally high quality.

    I have astronomically esteem of Till Lindemann, in my mind without a doubt *the* most brilliant contemporary poet and lyricist, who has the ability to express emotion so succinctly yet accurately. There is unparalleled beauty and authenticity in his voice both as an author and as a vocalist.I love his writing style that's precise and beautiful without being needlessly ostentatious. I also applaud his willingness to address taboo topics - it's one thing to write nicely about flowers or landscapes, but it takes a whole other calibre of talent to make sublime art out of something that can be a bleak/unpleasant topic! And he amazes me for being the most charismatic singer on stage given he is shy. I admire that tremendously. I also esteem how self-sacrificing and dedicated he is; he bleeds for his art, yet he is so humble. I also love his love for animals and nature. In fact, I think highly of all he band members, hat they "halten zusammen" that they are one "Wesen" is part of what makes Rammstein special to me! Olli is without a doubt my favorite musician of all time, nobody else on earth can bring tears to my eyes by their playing (intro to Seemann). I think his playing is similar to Till's writing - free from ostentation but full of feeling. And like Till, he is shy so I likewise admire how he can work in this field. I also like that in interviews he advises people to be themselves, and has good views on the role of pain in art. Paul - he has such an enchanting Lächeln and he's always so cheerful but and fun yet simultaneously very articulate and nuanced - he never sees things in black and white, and he explains complex thoughts in a way that's easy to understand. He also seems to be very protective and helpful of other members (eg his attempt to dissuade Till from actually piercing his cheek for ITDW). I find Richard's history about his escape from the DDR fascinating, and applaud his frankness and openess about such a difficult topic in Wenn die Seele Trauer trägt. He also seems very kind to fans - in footage he sometimes autographs things during concert and I like that he emphasizes originality over copying others. Doom has really great energy and flair, I mean I have no sense of rhythm yet with R+ I am inclined to headbang so his percussion style is singularly infectious. I love his view that even a fly has a right to live, he seems a very compassionate person. He also seems very intelligent and analytical when speaking. And Flake always has such great playful solos, and I love how snarky he is (whilst being simultaneously very wise) his trust and friendship with Till is süß, as is the fact he saved a horse from slaughterhouse!

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    Good analysis of the band. I enjoy that, as I'm much more intuitive in what I like, and seldom (never) put it into words.


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      Welcome to the forum!!!!


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        Great read! Enjoyed it, in particular the striking Till description. Welcome on the board!
        Dort wo der Horizont
        Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
        Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
        Auf das du mich dort findest


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          Thank You kindly I wish I were intuitive, that is a very good quality to have - usually I am very cold and unfeeling, but Rammstein's 6 Herzen die brennen hält warm my cold icy heart ; the Glut radiated from their songs and lyrics touch me in some special way. Rammstein's music only can rouse me if I'm miserable, or (Till's poems too) actually move me to tears.