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  • Affenknecht Forum attacked

    As I'm not sure if you already know, I'll post here what External shared on Facebook:

    Dear Affenknecht fans, our forum on the website has been attacked. The hacker deleted the whole database and wanted us to pay 0.08 BTC for the recovery. We will not pay anything to any hacker. We have re-installed the forum, unfortunately the recent database was lost. We will try to find a backup to restore at least something. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience during this hard time. It is also partly our mistake, because in the last years we do not have so much time to regularly apply security patches. Without a proper maintenance, the website is more vulnerable. Have a nice day! Affenknecht admin team.
    The forum was re-installed at the beginning of this week and the database was restored from the most recent backup but maybe something is lost.

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    So sad....Why are people such assholes? I can look through my stuff and see if anything is missing.


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      There are still some problems left behind from the attack. Our admins are working on it.
      Be patient.


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        I've done some further settings, hopefully it was helpful.
        Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it.


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          Originally posted by External View Post
          I've done some further settings, hopefully it was helpful.
          YES, thank you. I can now use Chrome and post from here again


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            Oh, and I can access on my phone too