Emigrate in Metal hammer


I just received these scans of Metal hammer, where is another interesting interview with Richar Kruspe, the Rammstein guitarist. To read the scans, click on the thumbnail.Emigrate in Metal hammerEmigrate in Metal hammerEmigrate in Metal hammer

  • Jennifer74055

    Also, External the second page to that scan is low quality, I have a higher quality scan of it I made. Would you like it also?

    • Kruspi

      Hi, I guess u don’t have it anymore, but if by some chance u do, can u pls send it to me? thx a lot

    • Kruspi

      I thought it’s showing my email, but obviously not so here you go: [email protected]

  • Jennifer74055

    I do! I do have lots more. Where to?

    Rammstein was in Hit Parader this month.

  • External

    If you had more, feel free to send them.

  • Jennifer74055

    *smiles* I am the proud person who scanned these! *.*

  • mr_flooo

    the so-called-Kein Engel album is a fake one, a bootleg collection and it is NOT released officially. I have to remind you of this fact.


    Welcome to Emmigrate-europe.com ^^

    Who Knows about the album Kein engel D=?

    • Reply

      It is their album… and it is not… some sons are beta, some are feats, some from apocalyptica… but it’s a nice album…