DVD from NYC and Montreal + a Best Of album April 2011


Two days ago, Oliver Riedel (bass player) was interviewed by the newspaper Quebecers Musikuniverse.net and interesting information pops up.

The first confirmed that the DVD will be shot during the concert in New York at Madison Square Garden and a party in Montreal.

The Best of album is scheduled for April 2011 and will include two unreleased tracks.

Source: Caroline, youtube



  1. I’am still waiting for any confirmation about the live DVD coming out? it has been over year now and still no official news 🙁 but at the same time I am not surprised cause how they are touring on the new Album… “affenknecht.com” plz tell it’s coming out soon!!?

  2. When is this coming out?
    I can’t wait anymore!
    I was lucky enough to be at their awesome show in N.Y !
    But I REALLY want the 2 new songs asap!!
    Rrrrrrammstein !

  3. @Phill I think you need to read Farenheit’s comment more closely, Stirb nicht vor mir Feat BOBO.

    Bobo did some of the backing vocals on that song, but the main duet was with Sharleen Spiteri on the final Rosenrot version.

    There’s still a german version with Till and Bobo dueting somewhere, I think this is what Fareheit was referring to –

    So not really the stupidist possible response after all.

  4. @Fahrenheit that is the stupidest possible response ive ever heard. That song was on Rosenrot…..
    They say Unreleased songs which i hope are completely new and actually UNRELEASED not just b-sides (Feuerrader, Das Modell etc) or songs from the LIFAD spec edit. (Halt, Donaukinder etc)
    Both the greatest hits and the dvd will do nicely to my collection 🙂

  5. The translator is there because the interview was in Quebec, so it was in French for the Canadians. Pretty easy for some information to get lost in translation in this situation.

  6. @Kevin: You must be blind because I had GA seats and there were cameras, pointing both at the crowd and a few of them on stage.

  7. @Kevin I was at the show as well directly in front of the stage on the second row up, and I definitely saw two cameras on each side of the arena so no worries! At the end we just kinda sat and took in the awesomeness and one camera guy had like 3 tapes of footage. It’s gonna be so sweet.

  8. Most Rammstein members answer only in German to make sure they are no misunderstandings. I haven’t seen any cameras in NY, but I was in the front rows in Montreal and they filmed the entire concert. Can’t wait for that DVD. A new album by 2013?! Where did you hear that?

  9. @KEVIN

    I was also at the show in NYC in the 200 level section….I did see cameras filming, but not sure if it was for a DVD/Bluray, but they were filming. That show was awesome, I hope they tour the rest of USA so I can catch them again.

  10. @Kevin – I was up in the second tier about 2/3 of the way back, and saw cameras up at that level (hopefully with a really excellent zoom).

  11. I´ll try as good as I can to translate what Olli says…
    At first, they were really happy about that huge response in north-america. That the shows were sold out so quickly, made them realise that Rammstein simply has to visit america more often.
    He is talking about the upcoming australian tour, (specially the big day out festival)the DVD shoot in NYC, and that they will drink a champaigne on stage in Montreal. ( Whatever that means. I was there and haven`t seen it).
    He also talks about his private life in Berlin. That he is a “normal” Dad who is bringing his daughter ( 8 years) to school and has a good family life.

    @ Leann ( Tochter von Jurgens): The woman on his left is probably a student. But not a very good tanslator. Rather average. I am german, and my wife in french-canadian. What the translator said, was not always the same thing, Olli was saying. We would have done a better job…. 🙂

    I hope your questions are answered with my translation!

    If there are more questions, just shoot, or better: Feuer frei!!!

  12. I know Ollie speaks English since he obviously understands the interviewers questions, so why is he replying in German? And why is a translator there?

    This makes no sense!

    And I can’t wait for the album.

  13. First of all, a “best of” collection is usually a record company decision, not a band decision, and second, I was at the NYC concert (in the pit) and I did not see ANY cameras filming the show 🙁

  14. @Jorg: That’s probably true, but I think the ‘best of’ is just intended to squeeze some more money, since Rammstein has become preety more famous thanks to LIFAD. They’ve already said there will be a new album by 2013, so let’s hope they haven’t run out of ideas (and hopefully, as good ideas as LIFAD).

    @Leann: I’d say the woman is just an interpreter, too bad they’re translating it to French and not putting any subtitles =(

  15. PS: In the answers, at least in the french one, there’s nothing about the two unrealesed songs… I don’t know if they managed that information after the interview, but in the answer there’s nothing about those two songs… and i almost can guarantee that the german answer doesn’t also mention two new songs…
    Best regards,

  16. Hi.
    The woman in the right is a translator. As most of all know, only few members of Rammstein accept interviews with answers in english. Therefore, the questions in english, so that Oli could understand, the answer in german (usual) and the lady translating to french, one of the languages majorly spoken in Quebeque!
    Hope that i’ve helped.
    Peter, from Portugal

  17. I was there!

    All the way from holland!
    It was fantastic!
    And they brought there whole show with them!

    It was GREATTT!!!!

  18. I don’t think that they are out of ideas, LIFAD was a great album and they have so many wonderful songs that will suit on a great compillation CD <3

  19. Sorry for my ignorance, (I am currently struggling to learn German), but will we have a way to know what Ollie is saying in reply? Who is the woman on his left? Thank-you so much!

  20. Hey, does anyone have any information on the release date of that DVD? I can’t wait for it to come out, I want to have it in my collection!!

  21. Hallelujah! Two new tracks and a full-concert DVD! My life just got a whole lot better. I am so glad that Rammstein is filming a full concert – it’s alot more enjoyable than watching snippets.


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