Deathstars supports Rammstein this year


Rammstein have announced through their oficial site that the Industrial Metal band Deathstars will be the supporting act for the shows scheduled for 2011. Its not yet known if they will support again Rammstein in 2012. Click here for the original announcement.



  1. Had a little listen to Deathstars over the weekend, i approve and think they will be a great support for the guys throughout the tour. Will be very happy to see them at the 02 in February. BRING IT ON!!!

  2. Saw Deathstars live in 2005ish and were properly properly poor for a live set, they just acted like a more gothic version of HIM but with a tad more industrial, for every song Deathstars played the lead singer would spend 2-5 mins talking about either bondage or about love in his deep singing voice. If they have that same style of set then i will be bitterly disappointed because the point of a live set is to play music and pump the crowd not to talk about bondage for around half the set in total, personally i know they weren’t favoured by the general Rammstein fan base but i quite enjoyed Combichrist, the music is quite aimless and doesnt make a lot of sense and what not but for a live set i thought they pumped the crowd up quite well as a support act.

  3. Yeah you are proberbly right bout that but i have seen far worse get thru the moderator lol!!

    Was gonna say that your claim to fame is having our god slap your hand, mine is that i star for all of two seconds on the VOLKERBALL DVD, its towards the end of Ohne Dich on the Brixton concert.How cool is that!!!!!

    Anyway here is my email if you want to chat direct, its only my work one so no probs there. [email protected]

  4. no probs on the deathstars info – they are FAB – im sure alot of people will enjoy them as they are industrial – just like our lovely germans 😀
    iv had a a few comments awaiting moderation too
    think its all the P**Y talk lol

  5. Oh and also i have had two attempts to answer your ? bout fave Rammstein videos but for some reason my comments went for moderation but not sure why.

    Have enjoyed chatting with you as great to know there is someone out there who is as mad on the band as i am.
    Can give you my work email so we can carry on our chats.

  6. @NO-1-RAMM-FAN
    Thanks for info on Deathstars albums, will def have to go out and buy one of them and see what i think.

  7. These guys aren’t bad, in fact, they are pretty good. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Combichrist.

  8. This is awesome news! Love Deathstars too. I hope they come in 2012 with Rammstein in America! Many Americans are hoping this will be true!

  9. They have 3 albums out –

    1. Synthetic generation
    2. Termination bliss
    3. Night electric night

    GO LISTEN TO THEM ALL- they are all superb – the best being Termination Bliss.

    they fit the warm up act role perfectly for RAMM+STEIN



  10. deathstars, never heard of them. case for youtube definatly–love them! this was the exact same scenario i was faced with when it was learned that combi was opening–instant love, they got me into techno! the guys can sure pick an opening band that will most likely fit in with what their listeners listen to, more points for rammstein, way to be =)

  11. Never heard of them. So it will be a surprise. But I’m not really happy. Don’t know why.
    Anyway, I’d like to work for/to Rammstein. …

  12. I have heard of Deathstars but not heard them but my brother loves them so thats good enough for me.If they do support in 2012 as well then i will look forward to hearing them.
    Bring it on ……

  13. They were a great support band for Cradle of Filth and Korn. They will defo be a better support band than combi-christ – thats a certain. 😀 lol


    please please PLEASE!!!!! support rammstein in 2012 too 😀 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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