Deathstars: Nothing to do with Star Wars


There is an interesting article about the band who supported Rammstein.


Deathstars and Rammstein have been talking about touring before, so when I heard that they were going on this tour, I just texted Till (Lindemann, Rammstein vocalist) and said that we would like to come with them,” says Whiplasher. How intimidating was it to support a band like that? “It wasn’t scary to support them at all. It’s just a good vibe and raw power,” he says matter-of-factly.

Deathstars, completed by Jonas “Skinny Disco” Kangur (bass), Emil “Nightmare Industries” Nödtveidt (rhythm guitar, keyboards), Ocar “Vice” Leander (drums) and Eric “Cat Casino” Bäckman (lead guitar), is a goth/industrial metal band from Sweden that began its life in 2000 and has released three albums since.

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