After a very successful tour of Europe together and two sold out North American shows (one at NYC’s Madison Square Garden, the other at Montreal’s Bell Centre) in 2010, Metropolis recording artists COMBICHRIST will be joining RAMMSTEIN as direct support on their full North American tour in May.




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  2. Ok… I was passing by and quite in a shock to read most of the comments here! Apparently you just had a bad experience with them in mostly some places specifically, but since I saw R+ 3x in 2 years, after one with Apocaliptyca (hated; no action live, no care about the crowd, no synchronicity and false sounds…), Combichrist seemed a better choice and I thought they were perfectly couple with R+!! Specially on may; they were incredible! Ok… I was in the front row, I’ll give you that, but do you even know the band? Or like them first? If you don’t sure you didn’t liked the opening… Because from when I was there, they are original on scene, they put some real action, their attitude, costumes and everything… And come-on! It’s just an OPENING! Not an entire show! So a LOT less stuff to light them on since they have so not much time to undo it before making way to R+!! And damn… How can you compare ANY live appeal to R+ except maybe Alice Cooper, NIN and Kiss ?!?!! And finally, if you haven’t listened to Combichrist before, know that most of their music is based on bass, distortion, electro…. Well, over all: THEY SLAM A LOT! I was in the front row, no ear plugs, I thought I couldn’t swallow or breathe, but for a 1h opening, it was enough and it made me dance ! Their choice of song was better than the show in December, so I was happy. Finally, it was just MY O-PI-NION, so please, don’t take it too personal and rashly, but I hope my comment would have slowed down a bit some few here and hope I am not too late in this topic πŸ˜‰ I visited sometimes, but it was my first post.

    Danke πŸ™‚

  3. I love Combichrist. and I was very surprised when I saw them doing the opening of Rammstein in Montreal πŸ˜€ but yes. the music was waaaay too loud…. πŸ™ we couldnt really hear what was played. but they are still awsome. well, not as awsome as Rammstein πŸ˜€

  4. Combichrist are awesome in my opinion πŸ˜€ I quite liked them beforehand, but when they supported Rammstein last year I thought they were the perfect support πŸ™‚ But that’s just me!

  5. absolute TOSH – they were painfully bad when opening for the Ramm in England ! – If i wasn’t waiting to see 6 gods come on stage, I would have walked out and thrown up ! lol

  6. I just wish they would play Texas…I’ve been a fan for too long. Just kind’a feelin’ like they really just don’t care about some of the fans that may happen to live in the USA. America may suck to some people, but let’s just get past those feelings and just play music for everyone.

  7. I agree with Spartan-45. At NYC, Combichrist had a really scratchy, loud sound balance. They’re pretty unimpressive. Imagine if we got someone like Unheilig or Eisbrecher to open for them? Now that would be cool.

  8. When I saw Combichrist at Madison Square they were iffy. The stage was way to dark, you could barely see them, and the biggest problem was that their music was way to loud, and not loud in the good way, as in so loud that you couldn’t tell what was being sang or played.

    I’m hoping they do better when I see Rammstein again at the Izod Center.

  9. Am I crazy???? Combichrist is garbage….granted they make Rammstein look all that much more amazing by opening for them. They SHOULD NOT BE ON TOUR WITH RAMMSTEIN!


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