Combichrist confirmed for 2010


As we expected, Combichrist will continue touring with Rammstein also in 2010. They are confirmed for upcoming shows (January – March 2010).

Which artist did you expect or prefer? R.I.P. Apocalyptica, we will always remember those days….



  1. I was also at Birmingham last night, Combichrist weren’t that good in my opinion. Probably because I don’t like that screamo type of music in particular.

    Rammstein, on the other hand, were amazing. I got foam’d in Pussy, and damn that fire was hot 😛

  2. Went to Birmingham last night and Combichrist were brilliant, I personally love them, but Rammstein were just awe-inspirig!

  3. I’ve just got back from the Manchester UK show and Combichrist were awesome. Got the crowd really pumped up for Rammstein (who were epic also :P). I think they’re great personally.

  4. I think combichrist sounded alright. I would have liked apocalyptica more. But who cares I go to a Rammstein concert for Rammstein and not forthe warming up band.

  5. I think Combichrist is ok, but for my taste it’s a little too…”goth”. I know some R+ fans might dislike to read it, but I honestly don’t like goth. I mean it’s ok, I don’t hate it. But it’s just not me!
    Can’t wait to see rammstein live anyway! 🙂

  6. It’s not my kind of favourite music but I thing they’ll be great live. And then, in comparison with R+ I think I would like R+ much more, if it’s even possible 🙂

  7. I’m not fond of Combichrist but it was kinda good in Nantes, even if I don’t give a sh*t about the opening act. Rammstein were just awesome, best concert I’ve ever seen, and that’s waht matters !

  8. If you hate ‘m just put earplugs inXD I loved them! Since the concert I listen to them…(combichrist) and Rammstein, wow! My dream for over 3 years, and my boyfriends dream for over 8 years! YES!!

  9. Apocalyptica would be great, but Combichrist are really good too! I understand someone might not like that techno-kind of industrial music, but I really do like it – especially live, that’s really wonderful experience, hearing that massive and aggressive sound just makes me feel heavily energized..

  10. Why on Earth would a world-class act like Rammstein pick up Combichrist as their opening act? Combichrist is shit compared to Rammstein. Pilgrim management must be insane.

  11. Apocalyptica were amazing last time out….20 something thousand people singing enter sandman and seek and destroy…..that was amazing and that was before R+ even came on…I am looking forward to CombiChrist but it will never be as good!

  12. Yeah, Apocalyptica for sure… I personally don’t like Combichrist… But what the heck, I’m going to see Rammstein, and it certanly doesn’t matter who will perform with them as long as they’re there… 😀


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