Combichrist confirmed for 2010


As we expected, Combichrist will continue touring with Rammstein also in 2010. They are confirmed for upcoming shows (January – March 2010).

Which artist did you expect or prefer? R.I.P. Apocalyptica, we will always remember those days….

  • Damon

    I was also at Birmingham last night, Combichrist weren’t that good in my opinion. Probably because I don’t like that screamo type of music in particular.

    Rammstein, on the other hand, were amazing. I got foam’d in Pussy, and damn that fire was hot 😛

  • Nicky

    Went to Birmingham last night and Combichrist were brilliant, I personally love them, but Rammstein were just awe-inspirig!

  • Vammatar

    I’ve just got back from the Manchester UK show and Combichrist were awesome. Got the crowd really pumped up for Rammstein (who were epic also :P). I think they’re great personally.

  • Ide mit kell írni Icuka?

    I can’t wait till the concert, I hope Combichrist will do a great support act!

  • Philmeister

    I think combichrist sounded alright. I would have liked apocalyptica more. But who cares I go to a Rammstein concert for Rammstein and not forthe warming up band.

  • J_

    I think Combichrist is ok, but for my taste it’s a little too…”goth”. I know some R+ fans might dislike to read it, but I honestly don’t like goth. I mean it’s ok, I don’t hate it. But it’s just not me!
    Can’t wait to see rammstein live anyway! 🙂

  • Eressiel Nikwis

    It’s not my kind of favourite music but I thing they’ll be great live. And then, in comparison with R+ I think I would like R+ much more, if it’s even possible 🙂

  • Ben

    I’m not fond of Combichrist but it was kinda good in Nantes, even if I don’t give a sh*t about the opening act. Rammstein were just awesome, best concert I’ve ever seen, and that’s waht matters !

  • Wolla

    If you hate ‘m just put earplugs inXD I loved them! Since the concert I listen to them…(combichrist) and Rammstein, wow! My dream for over 3 years, and my boyfriends dream for over 8 years! YES!!

  • I thought they sucked in Arnhem….bad sound….lousy performance…

  • Hyde

    Apocalyptica would be great, but Combichrist are really good too! I understand someone might not like that techno-kind of industrial music, but I really do like it – especially live, that’s really wonderful experience, hearing that massive and aggressive sound just makes me feel heavily energized..

  • Zman

    Why on Earth would a world-class act like Rammstein pick up Combichrist as their opening act? Combichrist is shit compared to Rammstein. Pilgrim management must be insane.

  • bozzy

    i saw the combichrist with R+ they were good if ur in that type of music personally i liked them 🙂

  • thrashmetalgod

    Apocalyptica were amazing last time out….20 something thousand people singing enter sandman and seek and destroy…..that was amazing and that was before R+ even came on…I am looking forward to CombiChrist but it will never be as good!

  • Yoosto

    Yeah, Apocalyptica for sure… I personally don’t like Combichrist… But what the heck, I’m going to see Rammstein, and it certanly doesn’t matter who will perform with them as long as they’re there… 😀

  • Infernaltor

    Combichrist. i’am sorry but i just hate them…