Bercy Double Gig Set to be Filmed?


The French fansites Neo-Rammstein and RammsteinWorld claim that Rammstein intend to film the upcoming double-gig at Palais Omnisports de Bercy (Paris, France).

Palais Omnisports de Bercy
Palais Omnisports de Bercy

Both sites claim that this is confidential information obtained and published by Rock Hard magazine, but none of the sites provide the magazine’s original statement. There is also no official confirmation about this rumor.

It is well known that the band harbors a special affection for the French public, and that in 2005 there were plans to film a concert in the same arena. However these plans were canceled on the eve of the event. The Nimes gig was filmed instead, thus spawning Volkërball.

  • E-SE

    @ Csaba – Keep dreaming 😀

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    7 years indeed – volkerball seems like a life time ago!

  • RammStone556

    this dvd is way Overdue, 7 years overdue to be exact. this will be like the best Live gig on DVD ever

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    Ahhhhhhhh the bridge opening is sensational 😀 !

  • Fábio

    I wonder what was the “surprise” – Is it that they won’t AGAIN be showing the amazig Buck Dich performance on the main DVD, lol?

    Let’s hope they do release a DVD anytime soon. I wish there had been a LIFAD one – The Germany flag opening is their best so far, beats the crap out of the current one, with the bridge.

  • Csaba

    MiG live in Budapest is what I want to see. :)))

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    I think they will release something similar to VOLKERBALL – with one main concert then a few selected tracks filmed in other countries. –
    I really hope there are some live tracks from the LIFAD tour like –


    I love that song :D!

  • E-SE

    Just saw pictures about the Bercy gig. I can clearly see pro cameras there. HD cameras were at the MSG concert too. (seen it on pics) And I’ve saw at leat one pro(?) camera at the Hungarian concert too.

  • Zim

    I hope they’re filming it cos I travelled all the way from Thailand yesterday to be here in Paris tonight and they’re on in a matter of hours!!


    Cannae wait – don’t have to 🙂

  • Stefane Fermigier

    Yesterday’s concert in Bercy has been filmed, indeed. Tonight’s concert (that I won’t unfortunately attend) will probably too. Can’t wait to buy the DVD, yesterday’s concert was classic Rammstein, perfect in every way, with a little surprise in the middle !

  • Cabenstone

    They will film both shows. Jonas Åkerlund is there has well =)

  • Danny


    I agree but sadly the companies being advertised don’t see it that way. Personally I think Till sodomising Flake next to a Danone advert would be great business. Yoghurt sales would rocket

  • FancyBitch

    they filmed MSG and Bell Center in Montreal during the LIFAD tour, Oli actually confirmed it during an interview with Musik Universe ( ) in Montreal before the show. I actually saw the cameras during the Montreal show but unfortunately they didn’t release it as I expected with the MIG box set… 🙁

  • Csaba

    Who cares about the ads when we could see a Rammstein Live DVD???!!!

  • Danny

    It was my understanding that MSG was filmed however, it not being released isn’t a surprise. The majority of concert DVDs these days are filmed in outdoor locations due to advertising. A lot of arenas (particularly in the US) have advertisers & sponsors on every available space all around the arena & so showing them on a DVD next to a man riding a 10 foot spunking dick opens them up to all sorts of legal issues. The advertising isn’t generally an issue when it comes to the outdoor venues because it’s more or less non-existent. It’s a shame but that’s the price we pay for living in a lawsuit obsessed, capitalist “paradise”.

  • Dave

    They need to make MIG dvd, it’s their best tour yet, i hope this rumour has feet to stand on.

  • SPARTAN-45

    I was at the MSG show. I didn’t see any camera’s so I’m not sure if it was filmed or not.

  • Michelle

    MSG was filmed, I’ve been waiting forever since they said they were going to put that show on DVD.. I mean, I didn’t get the super deluxe edition from MIG in time, and now it’s so expensive, at least I want this show I went to see..

  • MIG on DVD? Yes please! Manchester was simply awesome.

  • betsy

    MSG was filmed. I was standing next to one of the cameras. Whether the film was used… or will be used???

  • TiGER

    It would be nice, but what about LiFAD Live DVD? Will they release it?

  • SPARTAN-45

    MSG wasn’t on the best of. Only a few pictures of the show were in the book that came with the deluxe edition.

  • Drama

    As far as I know MSG was filmed and they intended to release it with the best of.

  • SBASWilliam

    I hope they will film this consert, because i want a made in germany live dvd!

  • yeah madison square garden wasn’t filmed i saw no camera crew like for Bell Center.

  • SPARTAN-45

    I’m I the only one who is amazed that Madison Square Garden wasn’t filmed?

  • Littleluckylink

    That’d be pretty cool.

  • that’s great news even if it’s not Confirmed, i’d say Rammstein are going to Make a New live DVD in Bercy and forget about The Montreal MSG show. well let’s be Honest if they wanted Montreal show out on dvd it would of be here in my hand right now haha, unless they have The Montreal show and Bercy show on 2 Disks that would make my day.


    so it isnt confirmed…
    just like half of the information about them