Alternate ITDW cover art


As you may have noticed, we are currently using black and white cover art depicting a heart. Today I discovered another e-shop providing us with following cover. Which one will be the official one? We’ll see soon, stay tuned.

  • WTF

    Hey, guys, this artwork is 100% fan-made, I saw it at a brazilian Rammstein website. The owner of the site just made that to put something next to the news about the next single being Ich Tu Dir Weh. Trust me and I can bet with anyone: This is not the artwork.

  • Durden

    The fact Rammstein is not written in the rammstein font says its a fake to me (and a shit fake – that fucking gives it away!)

  • Ricus

    I agree with ‘Vier’ and will go for the black&white one as well. Even ‘Rammstein’ isn’t spelled in the regular Rammstein-font.

  • Jess

    Personally I agree with the comments above. I don’t really like this one either. The black and white one just looks much more Rammstein if that makes sense.

  • TheHyena

    i saw this thing weeks ago nothing new i doubt its the cover

  • Yoosto

    @vier yeaj you’re right man. I also think this is an fan-made artwork… But who knows.

  • Vier

    The typeface seems to be different than the one used on the ‘LIFAD’ artwork. So I would say this is a fan made one? I would assume Rammstein would use their ‘LIFAD’ typeface for all their new songs.