Affenknecht website redesign after almost 10 years of service


This is an incredible story. A couple of days ago I was accidentally reading the “About” page on Affenknecht and discovered that the site was launched already in 2005 (formerly under domain, but we had some troubles years ago). Now my calendar says it’s almost 2015. Incredible 10 years – of course full of Rammstein – many life concerts, hours / weeks of listening and of course also web development. This site is something I am really proud of.

Old Affenknecht design
Old Affenknecht design

I was hesitant for a long time and did not want to touch the great rusty design I made in 2004/5. But then I realized that the original artwork does not meet the needs of today’s fans. More and more of you access the website from mobile devices and it is important that the website is readable also on smartphones and tablets.

The new design also shows all media in more spectacular way – not small images, but nice huge pictures of your favorite band!

Another thing I want to say is that I believe that the new template will last for next 10 years but first of all let’s test it together for couple of months!

I also want to thank to all people who helped me with the site / social media and forum administration. Huge amount of work.

And last but not least big thanks to all fans who are with us – especially those who remember Affenknecht and went with us through all the good and bad times. Are you one of them? Share your biggest thing related to Affenknecht in the comment section!