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Dear all, as you may have noticed, I created a new domain called This sub-site is dedicated to bands from Germany (not necessarily singing in their mother language). I started the project with some of the band I was interested in.

The main objective of the blog is: to provide more info about German music, to extend your knowledge and to keep you updated. To find some comprehensive info in English on this topic is not that easy – that’s why I want this project to be promoted.

And now the most important thing: I am looking for people willing to write for this blog. And for the first time in history, this will be PAID (in the beginning I will donate this project, later on I will try to find some sponsors).

So if you are interested in this kind of money making, follow these steps:

  • Register at , write an article in a category you choose (please note that more German band will be added depending on your interests)
  • I will review your articles and in case you have 2 or 3 published articles I like, I will contact you via email with a proposal and money offer. I prefer some fresh infos written originally by you, simple copy pasting from other sources not welcomed.

This is a great opportunity for students, fresh mothers and unemployed how to make some extra cash. I prefer if you write about German bands you like (and if possible not Rammstein, this is my personal topic and I want to do it by myself).

Remember, if you have any questions regarding this cooperation opportunity, let me know via email [email protected]

I hope I will find few quality authors for this project and it will be successful!



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