Additional concerts in Eastern Europe


Please be advised of the announced additional Rammstein concerts across Eastern Europe:

2010-02-24 Estonia – Tallinn Saku Arena
2010-02-26 Russia – St. Petersburg SCC Arena
2010-02-28 Russia – Moskow SC Olympisky
2010-03-04 Latvia – Riga Arena Riga
2010-03-05 Lithuania – Vilnius Siemens Arena
2010-03-09 Ukraine – Kiev Expo Center
2010-03-12 Poland – Lodz Arena
2010-03-13 Czech Republic – Ostrava CEZ Aréna
2010-03-16 Hungary – Budapest Papp László Budapest Sportaréna
2010-03-18 Croatia – Zagreb Arena Zagreb
2010-03-20 Serbia – Belgrad Arena

Source: Official page

  • petar

    You would regret not coming to Bulgaria !

  • Till

    Just got my tickets for Belgrade concert! I am so excited, I can’t wait to see them live! Thanks for coming to Serbia, Rammstein! Sechs Herzen, die brennen, das Feuer will uns fur immer warm halten!!!

  • herzeleid

    yaaay! can’t wait for 04.03.2010. !!

  • Rammsteinace

    woau i cant belive that rammstein aregoing to serbia im so exited!!!!!! i am sure that that day will be the best that in mine life! thx thx thx rammstein.

  • Plamen

    If not Sofia at least Bucharest…

    Any chance that there will be even more concerts in eastern Europe?

  • Ide mit kell írni Icuka?

    “2010-03-16 Hungary – Budapest Papp László Budapest Sportaréna”
    Tickets booked. This is going to be awesome for sure 😀

  • Csaba

    Today we can already buy the tickets to the hungarian concert!!! I hope I can buy one in november too before them are sold out! 🙁

  • E-SE

    2010.March 16
    I wanna be there! I wanna be there! I’ll be there!

  • sfury

    on 2010-03-22 Sofia, I hope 😀

  • teodor

    bulgaria ?!!?!?

  • Mr_Flooo

    WHoaaaa….Belgrade Arena on 20th MARCH?

    My Birthday!

  • greenman

    march 20… hell yeah, fu**in good reason to survive the winter!
    Countdown begins… 150 days…

  • Eddie

    Yeeaaah, they’re coming to Hungary!! This is gonna be the best concert in my life! 😀

  • Csaba

    The hungarian concert will kick the hungarian asses!!!!

  • sidirius

    Czech Republic is not in Eastern Europe 🙂 but I’m looking forward to Ostrava anyway 😎