A documentary about Flake


June 16th will be the first in a documentary about Christian Lorenz, entitled “Flake – Mein Leben” (“Flake – My Life”), the Babylon cinema in Berlin.

Directed by Hendel Annekatrin, the short film retraces the life for 43 minutes of Flake, since his first concerts with Feeling B, until his passion for vintage cars, remembering his ascent with Rammstein. The director was able to collect photos, events and exclusive interviews.

Note that the documentary was produced for ZDF and Arte. So there’s a chance he will ever be broadcast on these channels.

Source: rammsteinworld.com, Caroline

  • Ben

    Rammstein are filming a new video in Calfornia. No updates on this site? What the fuck are you guys at?

  • tonik30

    Flakes impressive live needs to be documented 😀 wtf

  • Leann

    As a general rule Europeans respect all aspects of life more. This is why most of the time anymore, I don’t claim to be from the USA. It’s honestly quite embarrassing. The very chance I get to be able to come and live in Europe somewhere, I am leaping. Granted, I know it’s not going to be all fun and games; But it’s time to slow down. Flake expresses his distaste for a lot of how americans live/what is done here, yadda yadda. I tend to agree with him.

  • Andrew Acosta

    I would LOVE to see this documentary, even if it is only 43 minutes long. Hope to some day see it.

  • Philmeister



    I’am sure the Geramans will upload it to the web 🙂

  • petoskystone

    not much of a chance of a television station picking up the film, which only leaves the question: how soon will someone download it to youtube? (americans would within 24 hours of release, but germans seem to respect copyright more…)

  • astrololee

    Hope we eventually get to see it here down under in Oz!

  • Csaba

    It’s pretty nice.