3 members of Rammstein showed up recently


After a longer time without seeing anyone from the grou Rammstein, now we have some fresh pictures of Christopher Shcneider and Richard Kruspe. They appeared at MTV Designerama. The evening took place on 08/10/08 in Berlin. The singer Till Lindemann showed up at the European Music & Media Night the day before yesterday in Berlin. In other words, these photos are recent.

Source: neo-rammstein.com, pictures: am-ende-des-tages.de

  • Alyssa

    is that girl really tills daughter???


    ??, ???? – ???????, ???? ? ????? ???? ????? ???????? 😉

  • ??????

    ?? ??… ??? ??? ???? ?????? ????????: ?????? ???? — ?? ??? ???? ?????? 🙂

  • Pamela Branch

    good luck

  • Rawwrr

    According to the newsletter ” a release isn’t planned before autumn 2009″.
    So it’s gonna be a while yet,
    However, it also said that we should expect the first single “before summer 2009”.

    Hope that helped!

  • Carl

    Rammstein are back!!! 😀

  • Vamp898

    sry but i dont like the dress of Till´s daughter xD dont know why but i like more dark styles 😉

  • EinHeisserSchrei

    Till's daughter's t-shirt should read "Kuss Mich" and have a Rammstein logo underneath lol

    She's got serious potential!



  • Adam

    Richard and Christoph look like old hippies! That's hilarious. Till's daughter is hot, and he looks as stern and reserved as ever.

    All is good in Rammstein land.

    • JJJ

      "Old hippies" lol 😀

  • Artemis

    daveh, i think you are wrong. these guys are serious perfectionists about their work and will not release anything until it's ready. when they get together they produce a lot of material. the albums rosenrot and reise, reise were recorded at the same time. german ac/dc…i think not.

  • daveh

    Exactly. They don't need the money yet. Rosenrot, essentially half of a new album. No need to release anything new, the royalties are still going strong. Basically, a German AC/DC.

  • EinHeisserSchrei

    Daveh, you're a fucken clown! Rosenrot was released to fulfill their last contract with Universal so they are unsigned at the moment. Give them a break! Rammstein never rushed any of their albums just so they would be absolutely perfect and guess what??? It worked every time!

  • daveh

    Why would they both making a new album? Well, maybe their contract says they have to. That would be reason #1. Not to mention if they get the urge to have more money if they've spent too much, then it's always a good idea to spit out another album and tour. That's a good way to move the back catalogue, too.

  • Me

    I think not Daveh, if they were tired, why would they even bother making a new album? They don’t need the cash, they’ve got plenty. They’re just trying to stay themselves; not making a hype out of everything….

    “It’s done when it’s done”

    And since Feuerengel (their coverband) is coming to Holland 14 nov. 2008, i’ve got nothing to complain about 🙂

  • daveh

    When you've made your money, and the residuals are still coming in, it's like, "Who cares?" They ain't hungry anymore. When they get the urge to have fresh cash is when they'll get around to putting out another album.

  • JJJ

    I really wish they'd post "something" on there site. Dosnt have too be much. Just maybe an estimate album release time or a "Were all still alive" I mean, C'mon. Stop leaving us fans in the dark. 😀 lol

    • LukeRambo10

      Lol your absolutely right! It'd be nice to hear news from them and not others…

  • LukeRambo10

    I don't know… I just doubt it will be late 2009-early 2010… I mean c'mon if i had been working on a CD since last year I'd want to get it out before 2-3 years…

  • Metzgermeister


  • Metzgermeister

    they dont look old or tired they look the same just tyill has a lil turkey neck lol

  • rfaga

    probably the album will be out late 2009 or later. we havent heard from rammstein for a very long time and we havent even heard news about the album so I dont think they just come and say "the album is going to be released about a month". when a album is going to be released you will now the release months before its going to be released or at least the name of the album !

  • glitterymanson

    They look old, tired and bored. And Schneider looks like a middle-aged heavy metal dude.

    • JJJ

      lol, There proberly hung over 😀

  • Metzgermeister

    cant wait

  • Luke

    Yea I know that’s what I was thinking, but it said late in like late November?

  • LukeRambo10

    I heard November 30th… Does that make any sense?

    • JJJ

      Nov 30th is a Sunday?

  • Kruspe_Z

    What about that “new songs” in Youtube(bock,seid bereit,ruhe sanft)? I think it is a fake )))

  • LukeRambo10

    Since the new cd was brought up when do you guys think it’ll come out!?!?! Just wondering because i’m getting impatient!!!

    • JJJ

      lol, me too. My guess is early next year.

  • Andrea

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  • Taras

    Great to see them again)))I know,there new songs will be a masterpiece)))

  • anirbas

    Haha, that’s his daughter
    They look exactly the same!
    She’s dressed like a douche though

    Richard’s shirts are always the best

  • EinHeisserSchrei

    Looks like Till is going back to his Sehnsucht look! The next time I see new pics of the lads it better be when they are promoting their new album!

  • vathias

    she could be his daughter……hahahahaha maybe she’s his new girlfriend

  • Artemis

    it’s good to see them after so long. i really look forward to their new music. i thought that was his daughter too. i don’t think she looks scary…she’s actually quite lovely.

  • External

    Isn’t it his daughter?

    • Lindegirl

      She is his daughter, Marie, she`s 15

  • Mojo

    Cool to see the old fellas again!
    Btw, that girl next to Till looks scary!

  • JJJ

    See Richards sticking to the “Groovy” shirts LOL

  • JJJ

    Cool, Thanks for posting